5 Most Frequently Outsourced Business Tasks

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We have decided to reveal the top 5 most common business tasks that companies are outsourcing with us. Let’s start.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most common and effective method to communicate with customers through emails. Our representatives have done several email marketing campaigns for few clients by creating and sending personalized, targeted content to each person on a list. The goal is to build a stronger, more profitable relationship.

We are leading on this task through the use of automation such as Mailchimp, Zoho, Constant Contact and Aweber.

Outsourcing this task lets you focus in managing your business and find innovating ways for the development of your company.

Data Entry

There’s an upsurge in the demand for skilled data entry professionals in the outsourcing world and we are fortunate enough to deliver quality and high standard output to a few of our clients. We’ve been on top on researching, analyzing and inputting data from reports, lists and other paper documents.

Our edge: While our reliable data entry professionals and human intelligence specialists are doing hands on in analyzing the data, our IT professionals are also discerning the process to automate the entire system. We always produce applications to make this job easier, faster and accurate in every phase of the process till completion.

Niche Publishing and Graphic Design

As a full-service publishing house, Open Look provides clients with the peace of mind in all areas of the publishing process, including marketing, publication design, sales, printing, distribution, and more. If you want to know about this expertise of us, see our creative design page.

Outsourcing means letting go of the tasks that you may find challenging such as Graphic Design. Open Look focuses on creative skills such as graphic designing that is essential to the marketing growth of any business.

Outsourcing with us would cost you less and would also guarantee you high quality results.

Web Development and Social Media Marketing

We’ve developed attractive, customized, responsive and unified websites that increase our clients’ visibility online, drive higher traffic volumes and grow the number of qualified leads. Whatever is needed when it comes to website design and development, we can make you stand out in a sea of competition in the Internet.

And ofcourse, we get it; everyone in the company is busy. Posting, replying to all comments, and handling social media accounts can be all taken care of by hiring a virtual assistant. Our Social Media Specialists are ready to take in charge.

Customer Service and Telemarketing

Companies trust a dependable customer service, technical support and telemarketing in the Philippines because primarily, Filipinos are proficient in English language. To one side, the staff also delivers high-standard solutions at a much lower price than other countries.

Investing in an experienced team such as the Open Look will provide everything you need, from quality assurance to flexibility of the system. Our Custom telemarketing campaigns designed to accomplish your goals and grow your business. We assist customers in developing scripts that will cater to their specific telemarketing needs.

Outsource your company’s needs today and expand your business with us! Call us now

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