No More Boring Cars With Automobile Photo Editing

Taking photos of automobiles is such a fascinating thing that a photographer should try. It’s a systematic and a creative hobby. Every time a photographer shoots a car, new knowledge is sure to be learned from it! So, we’ve collected some useful tips to help photographers, car enthusiasts and automobile business centers understand this interesting niche, its role in the booming and competitive business market, photo editing industry and what Open Look photo editing team can do to help you outsource your car photo editing tasks.

“Another way to make the photo speak to you is to make the car interact with its surroundings. There are no rules here, paint the car in different ways to get different effects; you will be blown away with the results! “- 7 Tips for Taking Better Photographs of Cars

“Choosing the background is important; the correct background can either give your car a clear contrast or it can create significant dramatic effect. You don’t want to have a photo of your car blending into the complex city background or a sports car that looks stationary”. – 40 Beautiful Examples of Car Photography

“The series showcases cars in a whole new light—literally. The attention to detail and editing that Ken Brown has done throughout these prints is an example of how to Photoshop to perfection!” – These Ken Brown Car Photography Works are Photoshoped to Perfection

The Role of Automobile Photo Editing

Automobile photo editing is a perfect service to boost an automobile business.

By providing high-quality car photos to websites and other medium, a photo editing or photo retouching service can support car dealers’ websites and then bring their car business model into the next level.

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What Open Look Photo Editing Can Do

This targeted niche is considered as one of the challenging fields in the photo editing industry that is why Open Look photo editing team has created a seamless process that will improve quality of car photographs. The primary purpose is to deliver visual effects to such automotive products and help produce the original quality with eye catching look, professional results and lucidity of the photos. Open Look’s photo editing procedures turn ordinary car photographs to high quality results by performing the following methods.

  • Adding or removing backgrounds
  • Adding reflections, shadows to car photographs
  • Adding details and sharpness
  • Color correction and manipulation

Open Look Photo Editing team has been proven to deliver outsourced automobile image editing and enhancement services around the world. Open Look  has developed a team to help clients present their products digitally in the best light possible. The Open Look Editing Team processes thousands of images daily with the capability for next day turnaround. Each image passes through the Open Look Quality Assurance Process assuring that the delivered product meets the need of each customer.

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