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Key Factors to Consider in Providing Exceptional Customer Experience

Publishers are urged to use their imagination over the present technology if they want to spark future trends. That is according to the Business Development Director of Holition John Peeters who has the mission to spread the word about innovative use of new technologies and explore how brands can add…

The Customer Service Skills that Matter

On May 31, 2017, In Customer Service, With No Comments

Customer service skills play a vital role in every customer and representative interaction. It matters a lot to companies that value customer service. Some of the skills are difficult to teach. These cannot be learned merely by memorizing scripts but these are the factors that when mastered and combined lead…

The Power of Your Audience Data in Atomized Publishing

On May 8, 2017, In Customer Service,Telemarketing, With No Comments

In this time period in history, the publishing atomization is upon us, anything and everything is niche. Audiences are more specific, content is more consumable and data is more meticulous. And the greater part of this takes into more specific targeting of customers. Now, publishers already understand the potential of…

4 Effective Methods that Drive To Higher Customer Retention

On April 5, 2017, In Customer Service, With No Comments

While new customers are absolutely looked after by businesses, current customers should not be taken out of the picture. Keeping customers loyal is not something you can afford to take too lightly. Losing customers similarly as fast as you win them over does not look good for your business’ future….

Providing Customer Engagement Solutions: Inbound Customer Service

On March 14, 2017, In Customer Service, With No Comments

Companies make it simpler for customers to connect with brands and voice their worries by giving dependable inbound customer service. It should be expected from the company representatives to know all the answers to any inquiries customers might ask. The purpose of all these is to arrive at customer engagement…