Customer Service: The Next Generation of Millennials

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A unified and reliable multichannel customer experience is significant for Millennials and even more critical for the next generation of Millennials. Known as Generation Z, whose birth years range from the mid-1990s to early-2000s, these people grew up in the era of extensive internet usage.

One key factor to consider in providing exceptional customer service experience is knowing the next generation of Millennials.


Customer Service: The Next Generation of Millennials


Generation Z is an even bigger group that businesses need to plan for. A new study from IBM reveals that this generation outnumbers Millennials by 3 million and, with $44 billion in buying power, they certainly can’t be ignored. 98 Percent of Generation Z Still Shop in-Store IBM Watson Customer engagement enables retailers to connect with today’s always-on consumer.

It’s imperative to be open to the changes in customer anticipation from this evolving demographic. The study also revealed that members of Gen Z are more likely to shop with brands they feel they can interact with. Ultimately, these digital natives care most about product availability and quality, and expect brands to participate in engagement. Most organizations haven’t been able to keep up with expectations so, to stay ahead of the curve, Open Look focuses on providing a highly personalized customer experience.

Telephone, Email, Web Chat, whatever the method, Open Look can communicate with your customers and answer the questions you can’t get to. We allow you to focus on the core aspects of your business while having the peace of mind that your customers are in good hands.

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