Customer Service: When is the Right Time to Hire Data Professionals?

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The customer service industry will experience the biggest digital change yet in 2018 as customer experience brand leaders pursue to develop multi-channels, leverage analytics, implement automation, and incorporate the front office with back office operations. Business owners and managers are now starting to employ data professionals to support customer service sector. When is the Right Time to Hire Data Professionals? Now!

Human-Verified Data Management

Human-Verified Data Management is one of the most essential factors to successfully convert leads to sales. The significance of data cannot be over-emphasized – data can be an important difference maker in completing a sale frequently. By considering customer preferences, and what they are looking for, sales representatives can be very ready to close the sale, and this is promising through cautious analysis of the data. Not all businesses invest in data research and data management though. They just leave it to sales representatives and expect the sale to close, and they do not really care about what the sales representatives are doing in the development process. This conversely, may fail, and sales reps may perform poorly, which will cause them to leave and businesses are now left with exhausted data.

In its place, what should be done is to invest in human-verified data management, and ensure that sales reps have all the information and intelligence they need to be able to effectively close a sale. This data can be analyzed in a variety of ways to not just gain intelligence on the prospect but also on the course, interested parties such as managers and executives can also easily measure the performance of sales reps and other customer service related functions.

Hiring the Right Data Professionals

Customer service industry lives in a world of unverified data including phone calls, chat transcripts, social transcripts, text transcripts, etc. They need data professionals to help make sense of the data and eventually learn what customers are saying, demanding, complaining about, admiring, and inquiring.

With the upsurge in digital conversations, hiring the right data professionals is going to become serious in 2018 if they want to implement their customer service and digital strategies perfectly and remain competitive.

With client-focused staff, Open Look is a valuable extension of each business truly forming a team atmosphere all working towards the same goal. The Open Look Audience Department specializes in growing and defining a client’s audience through various telemarketing objectives such as, controlled and audited circulation, market research, and lead generation.

Open Look also offers a large Data and Human Intelligence Task team to handle large scale Data Research, Data Append, List Building, and Data Entry projects.

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