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Telemarketing is about any sales activity that requires the use of a phone from outbound appointment setting and account profiling to inbound data capture and customer service help lines.

While prospecting and customer acquisition are regularly first to come to mind when talking about the use of call centers, customer satisfaction/retention and different strategies round out the mix, giving countless opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell existing customers.

Regardless of the type of calling effort being leveraged, the basis of all telemarketing thought stems from the desire to acquire relationship by means of individual interaction–interaction that is second only to a face-to-face encounter and an important part of a strong marketing plan.

How does it work?

Telemarketing is the only method that depends on human interaction and is both proactive and reactive in terms of managing a response, i.e. a call center representative can adapt in real-time to outmaneuver an objection and potentially connect an audience member in a different way based only on his/her unique requirements.

While telemarketing is highly effective when leveraged for follow-up opportunities resulting from other marketing activities, it can also be very successful on its own–particularly when managing an existing customer base.

Doing it yourself vs. Outsourcing

Telemarketing may seem simple enough in theory, the practice is significantly more complicated than it appears. Even with substantial in-house resources available, telemarketing can be a costly endeavor. Telemarketers are experts trained to cope with caller objections and accurately capture vital information in a clear, concise, cost-effective manner.

Outsourcing requires an investment in time (research, training, and general preparation such as script writing, etc.) but dedicated, experienced call center professionals can stay focused on a program’s objective in spite of call difficulty and continue to gather information where non-professionals may fail. Not just this, outsourced telemarketers will have experience in call recording, handling and reporting, so you won’t need to invest time doing this in-house.

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