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For creative people like us, it’s interesting to look into the world of design and see what graphic design trends are coming our way.

While we’ve seen some extraordinary graphic design trends over the previous year, 2017 is reassuring to take the design to a brand-new, bolder level.

Begin your year off right with the graphic design trends that will help you achieve this year.

Modern Retro


This will make a fascinating combination of new and old – modern flare added to retro typefaces and color pallets. The modern-retro design rising through the ranks of popularity last 2017 and its popularity will almost definitely continue.



We’ve been seeing this trend progress for some time now, and all things considered. In accordance with the shorter ability to focus on consumers, the minimalist graphic design utilizes less focal points, a lot of white space, few words, and simple graphics. With its popularity increasing, it would appear that minimalism is digging in for the long haul for 2018.



Illustrations that are hand-drawn, or that looks to be hand-drawn, add a human component that can’t be purchased with stock photos.

Blending photos and illustrations


Combining realistic photos with custom drawings includes an additional component of quality to a graphic. An illustration is a simple, cheap way to take a photo from basic to retro, modern, grunge, techno or some other style you select. This counts up visual attraction and makes your display more impressive.

Extreme font sizes


Varying font size is an easy way to build up a hierarchy, and pushing this idea to the extreme makes an eye-catching focal point and ensures displays are visible from a distance.

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