Graphic Design: Major Creative Trends in 2018

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Graphic designers in general are creators of creative images and ofcourse, suckers of stock images. They have to constantly stay on top of trends, learn new software, remain creative and create intriguing concepts and designs that will capture the minds and emotions of their audiences.

And it happens that Open Look is also a conversant when it comes to graphic design trends. We searched the entire web for it and talk a lot to our in-house graphic designers about their designs and their knowledge about the current trends. See these posts about the latest graphic design trends:

Going through industry trends for us is always useful, but because of demands on designers work every day, only few are as fun and striking to learn about as design trends.

For many years, our team of designers is subscribing to Shutterstock to get cool images.  And today, we want to share that Shutterstock has put together a visual guide to 11 of the most popular creative trends we can expect to see in 2018 and beyond, and there’s even a section that displays trends from around the world.

See this infographic, and find some graphic design inspirations. Thanks to Shutterstock’s 2018 Creative Trends.  Just click to see a larger version.

There you have it! Want to be a graphic designer? You have to be effective, here’s how! Want to outsource a graphic design project? Contact us now