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In Social Media Marketing, every post counts. Every post should stand out and be very engaging to its audience.  One way to do it is to create outstanding and appealing graphics that will involve people and generate a targeted audience.

Learning the basics of graphic design will help a lot.

For the professional graphic designers of Open Look, a few essential rules help them produce creative and eye catching designs. Here are some simple tips they follow to create amazing graphic designs that draw social media engagement.



Contrast fascinates the eye. It adds visual interest to a structure and can be in several diverse forms. It can be color contrast such as warm vs. cool and dark vs. light. Color is an important principle of contrast. Choose colors that contrast well. If you have a light colored background then use a dark font.

Because the best design goes viral in social media, one of the simplest ways to make your design stand out is by using contrast. Contrast also comes in things like contrast of type, alignment and size.


Typography plays a big part in great user experience, and to provide this experience you need access to modern and beautiful fonts. But for specific clients, knowing the standard brand font is a great help. If you don’t know the standard font, picking a consistent font palette is a way to guarantee uniformity and build awareness to the audience.

Color Scheme

Picking a color theme excellently is crucial to the success of a design. To choose the perfect combination of colors for a certain project, you have to see first if the brand is fun and fresh, or well-known, new and trustworthy. Choose colors that imitate ‘brand personality’ and use these colors consistently.

For a comprehensive look at color theory, see color theory in digital art and design.


No doubt an image can grab attention and convey a message better than sensibly crafted text. With the affordability of high-quality images, you have no reason not to use images in your graphic designs.

In social media and digital marketing, combining text and images can make a post engaging and more meaningful.

KISS: Keep it simple stupid

To sum up above tips for your design, always remember — focus and simplicity.  Simplicity is always best when it comes to digital graphic design.

Takeaway: Graphic Design and Social Media Marketing are made simple when working with the Open Look creative design team, we produce marketing materials with emphasis to every design element we mentioned above to spread the word about your brand. Call Open Look at 214-403-3755 today.