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Fantasy themes will continue to be seen in branding choices, including the use of vibrant colors, creating a sense of diversion from reality, as well as communicative and custom-made hand lettering and typography to match.

In terms of logo design and redesign, simple line work and slick vector shapes continue to be popular. In Deposit Photos’ annual Visual Trends 2018 list, it mentions a growing popularity of creative collages in graphic design, linking this to the search for new ways of self-expression and to communicate messages in a more uncommon way.

Daniel Carlmatz, a Stockholm-based graphic designer, set a yearlong challenge for himself: Design a new logo every single day, expressing the subject matter both typographically and visually. Here are some examples.

Cropping images, combining them in unexpected ways and playing around with different mediums and effects introduces something a little more unexpected from visual content.

This also ties in with the continued popularity of moving graphics – GIFs are a leading example – of successful branding across all social media channels. As we become more packed with static imagery every day, something like a GIF, collage, 360 video and immersive technologies are satisfying our thirst for vibrant visuals that little bit more.

Brands continue to strive to be as ethical and honest as possible amidst our demands for transparency. Social media influencers continue to be a popular source of coverage for brands, slowly pushing out the role of journalists to share information.

Outsourcing Graphic Design

Use time sensibly to upsurge your profits. Outsourcing graphic design frees up your time to focus on the parts of running your business that you can’t outsource.

Every business owner’s goal is to gauge their company into something bigger, something that can serve the market better. Businesses shouldn’t be any different. Outsourcing fits right into a scaling plan because:

  • It’s a smaller upfront economic investment than hiring an employee. Choosing to work with an outsourcing agency gives you the flexibility to get work done when you need it, rather than having somebody on staff, costing a salary and employment benefits when work is slow
  • It saves you time. Remember, time = money. If you have four freelancers working on individual projects simultaneously, you can deliver all four within roughly the same time frame and quadruple your profit.

Just like every other choice you make to scale your business, determining how to grip your graphic design needs requires you chomp numbers and look carefully at all the applicable factors. Start your calculation with numbers to develop an understanding of how outsourcing graphic design will impact your bottom line. Use this figure as a starting point, not an end point. Never sacrifice quality to save money, but don’t lose sight of your financial resources. Having a firm grasp of the financial side of outsourcing graphic design work will help you walk through your thought process to determine how to fit it into your growth strategy.

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