How to Make Your Next Magazine Cover Stand Out?

The cover is considered the most important page of a magazine. If you want it to attract people, you need to make sure the design draws plenty of attention to it.

In this piece, Open Look’s team of professional designers exposed some tips that can help provide creative, eye-catching magazine covers. Open Look leverages its breadth of experience in providing exceptional custom graphic design and magazine covers.  As the company works with multiple niche magazine publishers in various verticals, they for sure know how to make your next magazine stand out with a magazine cover that turns heads.

Here are some tips to help you make your next magazine cover look like the magazines you see in stores. These tips are great for any kind of magazine cover.

Title Design That Rock

A prevailing title that says something about the content of the magazine is good enough to play with. To make it stand out, use a font that is frisky and lively. Remember that a bold font has a better effect than a squeaky, stylish font.

If your magazine title has more than one word, try to use multiple fonts. This can give your title something extra. If the title is boring and really not interesting, you can use different font types and sizes to create an appealing title design.

High Quality and Resolution Photos

A magazine cover that rock is composed more of visuals than text. You have to choose a high quality and really an appealing photo that is creative and eye catchy. Don’t use an image with complex background like a photo with too many people or puzzling visuals.

Playful Teaser Text

A magazine cover should have a teaser that gives the reader a hint about the content of the magazine and makes them interested about the magazine. Add a few teasers on the cover about different subjects. This way there will always be a teaser that interests your readers. Make these teaser texts look appealing in design, short but with sweet call to action captions.

Creative Typography

Creative typography starts with the use of different font sizes.  A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 different sizes are good enough. You can also combine capital letters with normal sized letters for variety and then add a bit of color.

Lastly, ensure there is enough contrast between the background and the text.

Spy Other Magazine Covers for Inspiration

Professionally made covers can teach you everything you need to know about magazine covers. Look at the layout, typography and use of color.

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