Outsource to Improve Your Core Competencies

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An easy, but effective, way to improve your core business competencies is to advance your proficiencies through outsourcing. Outsourcing some skills and resources can help you offer excellent products or services without the costs of rising money and topping a team. Also for business owners, they can enjoy growths to their personal efficiency by hiring an outsourced support staff. To become successful, punch above your weight, thrive, prosper… outsource!

Unwavering Benefits of Outsourcing

In a recent PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) survey, 76% of respondents said that outsourcing lowered their costs, and 70% noted that outsourcing gave them access to talent and skills they didn’t have previously. This, in turn, allows the companies doing the outsourcing to focus on what they do best, showcasing improved products and services alongside expanded offerings.

Many business owners fail to oversee the everyday and repeated processes that can be outsourced inexpensively efficiently. Telemarketing, Graphic Design or Data Research are great places to start looking.  A new study by the University of Wisconsin and the American Medical Association (AMA) found primary care physicians spend almost six hours on data entry during a typical 11.4 hour workday. AMA urged the industry to reexamine EHR usability.

The key is to separate the parts of your job or business that can be outsourced on a lucrative basis, and, the parts of your tasks or business that you dislike the most. Aside from data entry, design is another common example.

Philippines: Creating Opportunities and Transcending Diversity (Podcast)

Derek Gallimore is joined by Open Look’s Kevin Thompson. They deep dive into Open Look and discussed the outsourcing services that we offer.

Key Points

  • The benefit of the offshore model really is the price. It’s more cost-effective.
  • The beauty of the Philippines is that businesses do not sacrifice much and that the cultural differences are not what many people would expect from a foreign country.
  • Open Look’s ambition as a company is creating opportunities. We love the idea of being able to work with people that may not have other options.

Listen and learn about the podcast here.

Filipino Culture in Outsourcing (Podcast)

In this part, Derek and Kevin discussed more about Open Look and Kevin’s journey in the Philippines which all started in 2010.

Kevin started in the Philippines back in 2010. He was originally from Southern California but he was transferred to Cebu to help build an advertising sales team for a niche publisher in the US. He did that for two years and he saw an opportunity to expand and provide those services to different publishers. Kevin noted the progress and changes in Cebu since he first arrived in the Philippines. Cebu City has exploded now in terms of progress.

In this podcast, Kevin discussed how they hire the right people because there aren’t many people in the Philippines with specific magazine experience. He mentioned that the Filipino culture made his transition in the Philippines so much easier.

Listen and learn about this podcast here.

If you have inquiries about Open Look, the outsourcing industry in the Philippines and the Niche Media and Publishing industry, simply give us a call

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