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Business leaders, who have strategically used outsourcing in their companies, define outsourcing as cost-effective with long-term benefits, allowing them to focus on growing their core business.

Over the past few years, the word has somehow evolved in meaning.

To many, outsourcing used to be considered high-risk back then which meant downsizing the number of employees, company retrenchments, and unsatisfactory customer service. Today, however, it has received wide recognition and has managed to present itself to the world and to the many merchants who have survived from running their lists of business niches or small retailing operations to becoming giant businesses as they have taken on an effective business game plan that is…Outsourcing.

Why Outsourcing Could Be Your Solution in 2018

As businesses progressed, CEOs just could not afford to wear and juggle multiple hats on their own. They needed to innovate in order to be more methodical in their abilities to manage. So, we’ve gathered the top three of the many reasons why outsourcing could be your solution:

It is simply Cost Efficient.

Projects are accomplished at a lower cost and at a better quality.

Owing to the disparity in wages between western countries and Asia, the same kind of project that is done in the US can be done in the Philippines at a percentage of the total cost. Furthermore, the quality of the services administered by the Filipinos is just as equally competitive. Hence, this guarantees that low-cost does not necessarily imply low-quality.

It Boosts and Develops One’s Expertise

It boosts and develops one’s expertise allowing employees to focus in advancing the company’s core business.

Alone, one can be a jack of all trades but unfortunately, a master of none. Hence, jobs do not get done on time and clients are unhappy. Thus, it is important that each job description matches the qualifications it requires.

One of the goals in outsourcing is to scale and hire the right people to work on their specialized fields. With their ample knowledge and expertise, it will help increase in sales, productivity, and efficiency as they take on complicated outsourcing projects with ease and confidence. This then contributes to the company’s core competencies, delivering the right kind of output to their happy and satisfied clients.

There is a time zone advantage.

This around-the-clock advantage is a win-win solution.

The time zone difference is the other much heralded convenience between the west and the location that you are outsourcing to. These amazing people can work on the tasks assigned while you and your clients can sleep through the night with the finished product or service – dispatched at your doorstep the following day.

Top Areas that are Commonly Outsourced

In 2018, business leaders decision to outsource depends on the phase of their business and the potential return on investment. Considering ROI, we’ve gathered the top areas that are now commonly outsourced. Outsourcing these areas will help the business improve its sales performance.

Media Relations

The way businesses inform the public about something has changed a lot and as business grows, business leaders now have no longer time to do things such as media relations. Media relations is evolving. With digital marketing in mind, media relations has become more keyword focused, social media centric, and takes into account SEO too, so it’s time to outsource in 2018.

Business Management

As each business grows bigger and progress, business leaders will need someone to be a right-hand person. That’s why they may want to consider finding Project Management Managers and Associates.

This is actually something most businesses have done before and it’s always been productive. Outsourcing this part of your business will give CEOs ample time to focus on other areas such as on client work and sales.  At Open Look, project managers handle graphic designers, photo editors, telemarketers and other support positions.

Graphic Design

Visual branding matters a lot in 2018, a need to invest in it is a must if you want to be on the top of the competition. Hiring a graphic designer for social media images, business logos, print materials, and other visual layouts will result to a growing subscriptions and followers, sponsorship opportunities and email list opt-ins. If you are busy enough with a more important business decision making tasks, then consider visual branding as an area you should outsource in 2018.

Copy Editing

Most business owners don’t have time for new content. They barely touch their websites or blogs or magazine anymore. That’s because as the business grows, they have less time to manage their own brand. They also have less time to do major edits in the content of their website, blogs, newsletters and other public relations matters.  If your business is at this point, editing should be considered as something to outsource in 2018. This will allow you to keep content updated while you focus on the things that make more money.

Open Look is a nimble niche media service provider. Outsourcing with Open Look ultimately offers publishers great competitive advantages – for any service — telemarketing, customer service, graphic design, photo editing, data entry, data research — we are here to provide these resources to help your group scale efficiently. Call Open Look Now.

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