Outsourcing Customer Support for Millennials

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Customer support is considered as one of the most common types of services that are widely outsourced today. Its main purpose is to assist customers in making cost effective and precise use of a product or service. It is also accustom to arrive at customer engagement solutions that will benefit both the brand and the customer.

Businesses nowadays not only turn to BPO firms that concentrate in customer support for cost-saving measures, but also as a strategic step to gain noteworthy growth through higher volumes of prompt and custom-made outreach that convert into sales.

Before engaging into the must read outsourcing tips, you should have to know the following latest thinking called millennial outsourcing. Here are the facts that you should be aware of:

Contracts Facing Significant Changes

There are numerous outsourcing contracts that will expire by next year – most of which will not likely be renewed exactly the same way as a traditional outsourcing deal is. It has been disclosed that a astounding finding: the numbers of contracts facing major changes are in the thousands.

Technological Advancements

The technological advancements with software and cloud technologies now enable businesses to effectively multisource for both standard and project-related services. This movement is set to continue to advance as buyers are becoming more experienced.

Offshore Outsource Operation

A development on onshore locations has already begun, but still there are other deliberations driving this trend forward. For now, the basic measure that offshore is cheaper remains sustainable, however no one is sure on how long it will take for service providers to reach a counterbalance.

Techno-Human Innovation

This is fundamentally to bring the best from machines and humans to attain the best possible upshot. How will techno-human innovation affect the way we live, work and build business relationships?


As you can see, outsourcing industry is going through essential changes. If you are considering outsourcing your customer support functions, keep in mind the following outsourcing tips:

Outsourcing customer support offers a great deal of ease that you must take benefit of it. While saving some costs, it also provides a great deal of flexibility suitable to your business. Measure your situation and address it as you see fit.

  • Evaluate Your Needs. It’s time for you to be proactive and smartly anticipate fast. See what kind of customer support functions best fit the type of products and/or services you offer.
  • Find the right outsourcing partner that specializes in the type of support your business requires. Your partner should not only provide help but should also counterpart your operations and fundamental values as well.
  • Consider location. Companies trust a dependable customer support in the Philippines because primarily, Filipinos are proficient in English language. To one side, the staff also delivers high-standard solutions at a much lower price than other countries.

Investing in an experienced team such as the Open Look will provide everything you need, from quality assurance to flexibility of the system.  Here is Open Look’s Promise to Provide a Customer-Focused Culture.