Business Process Outsourcing is Your Secret Weapon in 2019

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Developing a business requires a lot of hard work, and a lot of things to take into consideration. You’re not only considering if there’s a need for funding to increase your marketing efforts, but also you need to grow and expand to new markets, new environment, and making sure your business structure is well-prepared for your growth.

One thing that you need to consider about when expanding is the staff. With the time and costs associated with staffing, you need to think about the working environment and ensure your human resources is prepared for the increased capacity. But worry no more as you have the best option. 

You need to tap into outsourcing! Not just a simple outsourcing, but outsourcing to the Philippines.

Current State of Outsourcing in the Philippines

The Philippines is the call center capital of the world, leaving its competitors in the dust, and is expected to remain on top in 2019 amid the local industry being past its peak.

“The Philippines continues to be the largest location for delivery of contact services in the rest of the world. So as an outsourcing destination, we continue to dominate the №1 spot as a country. There is no close №2. We continue to be №1 in terms of market share,” Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) chairman Benedict Hernandez said.

Citing data from Texas-based global consulting and research firm The Everest Group, the Philippines is seen to continue being the biggest outsourcing market in 2019, taking 16 to 18 % of the total outsourced services globally.

In 2018, Artificial intelligence (AI) made waves in many industries with several large-scale deals, partnerships, and announcements. In 2019, AI and other blockchain-powered solutions continue to make wave not only in the contact center aspect but also in the pharmaceutical, financial services and other industries.

The data research industry started to be significant in 2019. Industries continue to leverage rich data research and analytics. This innovation allows companies to impact the shape of the upcoming developments. Data sharing continues to be a positive impact on many industries as the promise of data is a breakthrough in modern technology.

The good news is that, should you choose to outsource so that you can relax knowing everything has been covered for you. Indeed, whether you’re a one-man band or you run a team of a hundred, it’s a technique that is highly recommended when launching a business in a new territory, or simply expanding a business in your home country. The more freedom you have, the more time you have to grow your brand and take your business to the next level.

The Case of Audience Development

Take a moment to reflect on your Audience Development strategy performance.

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) has recently released the 2019 edition of their B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Report, and every content marketing strategist should be paying attention to it. The study is based on data gathered through surveys to content marketers worldwide about content marketing topics such as content strategy, audience development, technology, challenges and more.

Content marketing is increasingly becoming a fundamental aspect in the strategy of many organizations, but some businesses still struggle to make it worthwhile for them.

The biggest challenge faced in 2018 was the changes to search engine algorithms. Google has rolled out 9 algorithm updates, including the Mobile First Index update which means Google ranks websites based on the mobile version performance.

Most of the changes are driven by consumer demand. Customers crave custom-made, smooth experiences, and companies are tearing to deliver them. But this idea of constant transformation can present a seemingly overwhelming challenge for companies that are belligerent in today’s complex business environment. To adhere to this demand, the secret about Open Look Audience Development Team is that there is no secret. The entire team has a “customer experience first” telemarketing mindset.

Human-Verified Data Assistance in Data Research

One of the major technological trends in data research that found increasing operation in almost all data driven businesses is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Increasing capabilities in Machine Learning (ML) and AI are boosting companies to automate and update their processes. Bots are enabling companies to collect logical, precise, complete, and validated data in bulk, far more and faster than what can be done manually, leading them to leverage intelligent database management. Integration with third-party automation platforms and business intelligence tools is gaining traction, helping companies paint a data-backed picture of customer activities.

While data research has been automated by auto-feeding information by listening to the calls. These technologies are helping companies improve their processes on a pragmatic level besides driving productivity and confidently impacting profitability gains.

To match the latest automation of data entry works that are now happening, a basic data entry alone cannot advance to the demand of the data entry job evolution. Businesses and companies now need, more than anything else, a human intelligence tasks (HITS) team to produce not just an automated but also a human verified data.

Latest Trends in Graphic Design 

We keep on looking at the predictions and yearend wrap ups of some creative industries like Shutterstock, Pinterest, and Adobe that may be coming your way mid year. It’s the time of year again to update yourself and your creative skills in creative, graphic design.

At Open Look, we discuss predictions and design trends with our top graphic designers, motion graphic designers and magazine layout artists. If you see some of our layouts in our portfolio, you can see that we’re starting to incorporate the trends in our designs. See the following posts for your reference too.

The Evolution of Photo Editing & Enhancement

Adobe Stock and Getty are predicting a profusion of nature in 2019, as brought on by apprehensions on rising temperatures and an accumulation of technology in our lives.

Shutterstock’s colour trend forecast is more digital techie-neon urban focused in its highlighting of UFO Green, Plastic Pink and Proton Purple as the ones to watch out. The UFO Green swatch is the closest to Mother Earth’s tones, evoking ‘lush countrysides alongside whirling rows of binary code’ according to Shutterstock’s, err, flowery and purple prose.

Trending colors in a global sense are with the natural photography trend, with Brazil and Korea going for a deep foliage green, Japan liking the look of lavender, and the US having a growing penchant for a lime shade straight out of the Florida wetlands. Discover what else is trending in the creative world with our 2018 Creative Trends report.

Open Look’s creative photo editors are always ready to take photos to the next level. We list down many of photographers’ target markets based on the photo editing clients we have. By specialty, the market includes commercial, events, sports, automotive and industrial, apparel and fashion, and wedding photography. These industries need a serious consideration to tap on the best photo editors in the world today.

The Open Look Mission is to provide the outsourcing world with targeted audience development, graphic design, and human-verified data research solutions. Operating in a fun, creative environment, Open Look provides publishers with interactive and sustainable outsourced solutions for creating product, developing audiences, and caring for customers. Call Open Look Now!

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