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Let’s get to know Audience Development and its strategies for building it. One of these strategies is Telemarketing. Publishers and audience developers are looking for more targeted approaches in methods that will help them build an audience. In fact, many publishers are always looking at new tools or services to develop their audience.


Focusing only on social media or digital processes to get the job done could be seen as a process that is really limiting the capture of your audience. But, social media should be looked at as ‘one’ of the ways to capture your audience. You want a well-rounded approach. Another tried-and-true process is through telemarketing.

Telemarketing continues to thrive as a business development source, despite a variety of challenges. The key to its survival has been that successful telemarketers have become very specialized. Good telemarketing companies are both expert data analysts and talented niche marketers. With these skills, telemarketing companies can help their clients through any difficulties to deliver timely pitches to qualified audiences.

When looking at the marketplace, while new and innovative strategies continue to gain traction (as they should), telemarketing continues to be an important tool in the development of the qualified audience.

Digital tools will continue to evolve and pose new opportunities, but sometimes the ‘old school’ approach of calling and qualifying your audience delivers great ROI.

Again, do you want a proven ROI? Call us now.

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