The Rise of Audience Development Continues to Evolve

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Audience” is a word being used regularly as a part of trade publishing circles today. The help of the internet, social media, newsletter, and e-commerce publishers have more opportunity than ever to form direct relationships with their readers and measure the effect of those interactions.

That has prompted the rise of a new type of function in trade publishing: audience development.


Audience Development in Trade Publishing

Publishers and audience developers are searching for more focused on approaches in methods that will help them build an audience. Most publishers are continually looking at new tools or services to build up their audience. While some are alright with time-tested techniques for growing the audience, there is a larger group that is never satisfied with the status quo and will always be on the lookout for another strategy, method or product to improve the service and experiences it is offering to existing audiences.

While there are numerous new tools out there, a recent survey of some publishers uncovers that they haven’t observed anything so totally unique that it’s evolved into a game changer. Maybe there are more services that are useful on tablet computers, but as far as approaching something totally foreign in the audience building industry, most say they are still lookout for something really unique.

Eventually, publishers are progressively drawn to creating content syndication partnerships to make new eyes with their brand. Basically, the partnership allows a little element to be partnered with a bigger brand where the bigger host can offer more exposure to new readers. The number of page views, as well as unique views, spikes upward. Advertising gets a boost and more email addresses are captured, leading to an audience development scenario. In an ideal situation, the smaller production gets a larger audience while the host gets reliable content that gives them a boost also.

With regards to audience development, publishers are using more than one medium to draw up a complete list of leads, including email, social media and obviously, telemarketing.

Many telemarketers will certify the benefit of branching out into various mediums to reach great effect.

After all, survey results show and tell that while new and innovative techniques keep on gaining attention, telemarketing continues to be an important tool in the development of the qualified audience.

Computerized devices may proceed to develop and pose new opportunities, yet much work should be done to demonstrate the value and Return On Investment (ROI) for publishers today.

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