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Open Look Administrative ServicesWith our Administrative Services, Open Look will act as an extension of your business, dedicated to your continued success and growth.

Customer feedback is critical in planning for future improvements to products and services. From entering key information into respective databases accurately to managing or building a list of new business leads as well as confirming if client-specific content is correctly listed to ensure positive customer experience, we’ll do these all for you to help strengthen your brand at reduced cost.

We will also give you the manual spell check that computers may overlook. Whether you require a second set of eyes on a book, magazine, report, we are here to help and make sure your words are presented properly and the way you intended them to be.

Whether we use a template or work together to build something custom for you, we deliver list building , data entry  and copy editing  services for your specific needs.

Read about our BPA Re-Qualification case study and Data Capture/Verification case study.

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