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Triple your productivity, grow your current customer base, increase sales volume and improve customer experience.

service_servicesA happy customer is a returning customer. Too busy finding new customers to maintain your current customer base?

Customer Satisfaction Campaigns are a valuable way to hear the voice of your customers and better position your product or services to cater your customer base.

We will keep them happy. Telephone, Email, Web Chat, whatever the method, we can communicate with your customers and answer the questions you can’t get to. We allow you to focus on the core aspects of your business while having the peace of mind that your customers are in good hands.

people_group_coupleLead Generation is the key to increasing sales volume. We take the time to eliminate the “not interested” and provide our 
clients with the “interested” prospects saving them countless hours of rejection, and only focusing on potential, qualified, 
interested candidates for whatever your product or service may be. We will work with your preferred design, the perfect 
campaign whether it be via telephone or other marketing forms, generating interest and creating a qualified list of prospects 
for your salespeople to spend their time on.

Need leads? Look no further, Open Look will find them for you.

headset_music_headphoneCalls! Calls! Calls! – We provide client with the manpower to make the extra calls that businesses don’t have the time or resources to make.

Sales, Customer Service, Surveys, we are ready to be the voice.

Custom telemarketing campaigns designed to accomplish your goals and grow your business. We assist customers in developing scripts that will cater to their specific telemarketing needs.

If you have too many calls to make and not enough hours in the day, just make one call, call Open Look.

Listen to our sample recordings below.

Basic Audience Development Pricing

Here’s how Open Look prices our a call campaign by the record:

1000 Names = $560
2500 Names = $1200
5000 Names = $2200
10000 Names = $4300

The rates above are based on U.S. calling, but we can handle international calling as well and could provide a quote once we know the calling countries.

Call Mike at 214-403-3755 for more details about a program OR click here.