The Impact of Superior Quality Images to e-Commerce Businesses

Online shopping is beneficial, often lets you discover the best prices, and lets you enjoy delivery right to your threshold. It’s simply a great deal nowadays among shoppers for buying all kinds of products ranging from clothing and other personal items to electronics and gadgets.

A superior quality product images plays a very important role in any online shopping website. This is necessary because the customers just rely on the images in making decisions on whether or not to buy an item. Online shopping websites with poor resolution images perform poorly in influencing the customers to buy their products.

The Need for Quality Photo Retouching

An apparel retail shop with a large e-commerce site and product catalog consisting of over 10,000 products, was struggling to meet the needs to digitally edit images of products to display on the site in a timely manner. The initial project consisted of 203 images requiring editing and needed to follow a strict, specific style in order to maintain consistency throughout their site. A uniform background along with editing any imperfections was asked in order to achieve a more presentable, consistent look.

All of these requirements needed to be completed within a tight deadline allowing the retailer to display the most up to date inventory on their site. Reporting was required in order to track the output and completion of the project.

Open Look to the Rescue

The Open Look Photo Editing team successfully completed this project and was able to meet the needs of the retailer within 3 days. Based on the successful completion of the project, the retailer has decided to outsource all photo editing needs including images of both products and models. The Open Look Photo Editing team has now edited over 11,000 images in a span of less than 12 months, and has increased efficiency with each editor and retoucher completing nearly 20 images per hour. The production of the Open Look team has allowed the retailer to decrease their cost, eliminate the need of managing the process, as well as update their online inventory in a timelier manner.

Advantages of Outsourcing Open Look

Hiring a company offering product photo retouching service becomes necessary for e-commerce and online shopping websites to convert the quality of the product images to a superior level in order to meet the evolving needs of the customers. Outsourcing Open Look to do this kind of work will give companies the following surefire advantages:

  • Bring down expenses
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Saves time and money without compromising the quality of work

Open Look offers photo retouching services to both large and small companies.  For more information, please get in touch with us today.

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