Using Telemarketing to Enhance the Overall Business Revenue

Telemarketing is recognized as a successful marketing tool used worldwide to produce sales, subscriptions, or make business contacts. Telemarketing does all of these:

  • Selling
  • Telephone-based collecting of data
  • Spreading information on services or products
  • Appointment making

Telemarketing landscape has changed a lot with so many new technologies in today’s market. But you can however still be effective if you follow a few rules. It is quiet costly compared to most marketing strategies but experience proves that telemarketing gets five times the response than the other. Telemarketing is an effective business generation tool, how?

The Voice of Telemarketing

Telemarketing skills is all about managing time well and generating an interest in the sales pitch. Telemarketers must be friendly, convincing, positive and caring. The smile and joy must reflect in the voice and the speaking tone must be practiced and well-modulated.

People can’t see us when we speak on the telephone; therefore judgments are made on what we sound like. The importance is not so much what we say, but how we say it. Studies have shown that 87% of the opinions people form about us, when speaking to us on the telephone, is based on the tone of our voice. Only 13% is based on the actual words we use.

The Role of Telemarketing Services

A well planned telemarketing services will help your business generate a database, building business contacts and leads, create an awareness of your business activities, and promote your products.

Telemarketing is a successful business tool and will lead to good returns if planned well and implemented systematically. Among all the marketing services, telemarketing has a proven success rate.

Tie-up with a telemarketing agency if you don’t have the infrastructure. Since it is a long term relationship, find a telemarketer you can strike a rapport with. Read as much as you can about telemarketing and learn about legal issues, best practices, and TPS registered telephone users.

Where to discover more about Telemarketing?

Telemarketing isn’t what it used to be in the past, use it wisely and it can permanently change your entire business for the better. When you search on Google you can find articles and in depth guides on telemarketing as well as online telemarketing professionals who will take care of all telemarketing needs.

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