3 Topmost Telemarketing Tips – How to Deal with ‘No’ answer

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Telemarketing achievement is relying upon getting a fair percentage of “Yes” responses. That is the thing that telemarketing activity is about.

Yet, we need to accept that there are things that contrarily affect telemarketing success and rejection is a reality of telemarketing life. Apparently, we’re going to hear more “No”s” than “Yes” answers. Also, there will be instances when factors that are out of our control contrive against us.


A good example of this is data quality. Data accuracy is a main factor that will either stop or push a calling campaign forward. A good quality data helps particularly if both the phone numbers and the people we call are the right ones. If not, it will be difficult to get the results that we want.

Sadly, insufficient prospects beat a path to the door of most businesses. So, many of them need to proactively go out and produce new business. That is why solutions like telemarketing exist.

Work the Numbers

It’s a number game, you need to expect the ‘no’. Obviously, you have to figure out and learn how to handle objection and handle with rejection. If you are not expert in that specific skill, you won’t get far. You’ll certainly become discouraged and quit. As one would expect, some sort of rejection will be the most common result for many of your calls, particularly in case you’re in a packed business marketplace full of strong competitors. However, don’t lose hope.

Have your Profiling Right

Lead generation is about perseverance and accepting that a huge part of the procedure is filtering and segmentation. It’s about finding relevant companies and individuals in order to build a long-term sales pipeline. This implies identifying the right profile of organization and the right individuals in the right job roles and contacting them at the perfect time.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Eventually, a significant part of the achievement you’ll get in telemarketing will come down to attitude. A positive mental attitude will carry you far. It can be difficult to continue going when the outcomes aren’t coming, all you’re hearing is NO and, as a result, your commission isn’t flowing.

However, expecting that you are calling the right individuals and you have something to say that is really interesting, the numbers can orderly support as long as you stop concentrating negatively on the No’s and look ahead towards the following Yes.

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