Top 7 Business Tasks You Should Be Outsourcing

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On March 30, 2016, In Outsourcing, By , With No Comments provides a fairly simple definition of outsourcing as: “verb – to obtain goods or services from an outside source.” This can mean anything from hiring a local temporary service to creating a virtual staff from around the world.  By sourcing out certain tasks or processes, you free up more time for the revenue-generating tasks and strengths imperative to your business.

The following are 7 business tasks you can and should outsource.

Business Tasks You Should Be Outsourcing


1. Lead generation

Sales calls are often a matter of numbers; more calls equal more sales and leads. Once the initial outreach has been made, closing the sale can be handled by the internal sales force. A talented salesperson’s skills can be better utilized to close sales and handle clients, rather than make cold calls. It can also be a great deal more efficient to outsource certain customer support, especially for product-based companies.

2. Graphic design and web development

Whether you want a more attractive website, a brand-defining logo or eye-catching print materials, a professional graphic designer will help your business look its best. Whatever your goals, there’s a graphic designer with the talent, aesthetic sensibilities, and visual skills to fulfill your vision and enhance your brand.

3. Data entry

If you need a lot of data entered, either regularly or once in awhile, you don’t want to delegate this tedious task to someone on the team who doesn’t specialize in it, or has better stuff to do. This role can easily be outsourced, and you and your team will probably be happier with the results, too!

4. Content creation

Outsourcing content creation can free up a significant amount of time. You should outsource writing and proofing blog posts, editing videos, writing articles and other content creation tasks.

5. Social media management

Networking on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter can be fun.  However, it can be a major drain on your available hours. You can outsource some of this interaction to a trusted team.

6. Data research

Prospecting for new business and keeping up with the latest developments in media can be time consuming and daunting. A data researcher can research information for you, whether it’s gathering information and statistics for an upcoming presentation or looking up the names of companies and contacts for a leads list. They can also organize this material in a form that’s easy to use and read.

7. Custom publishing

A new trend in the digital age is to seek custom publishers to build online platforms to accompany print. Producing online resources is a new and challenging effort for even seasoned publishers, so an association working with custom publishers for Web site creation and maintenance, e-magazine and e-newsletter projects is the next step in custom publishing outsourcing. This occurs through the delivery of editorial content – via print, Internet, and other media – so intrinsically valuable that it moves the recipient’s behavior in a desired direction.

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