LIST: Top Industries Need Top Photo Editors

Professional photographers can have different target markets. They could choose to focus on one or opt to offer generic photography services. Their choices may reflect a preference in working with raw files or processed photos.

The way to get photographers raw photos to be in the perfect variant without investing all their own time is by outsourcing of photo editing and photo retouching. It can save on cost by sending photos to the best and professional photo editors.

Open Look’s creative talents are ready to work on photo editing projects. We list down many of photographers’ target markets based on the photo editing clients we have.  By specialty, the market includes commercial, events, sports, automotive and industrial, apparel and fashion, and wedding photography. These industries need a serious consideration to tap on the best photo editors in the world today.

1. Editorial

Photo editing for editorial purposes works for newspaper and magazine publishing. Photographers and stock photos provide images to demonstrate news stories and layout feature articles. The main contacts for editorial photographers are ofcourse the photo editors, illustrators, graphic designers and art directors, depending on the managerial structure of the publication. Raw photos for editorials need editing, retouching, enhancement and even manipulation just to show a story or a feature.

It’s given that graphic designers are amazing photo editors. They can manipulate and enhance photos to fit clients’ needs. In magazine publishing, graphic designers should see to it that they creatively incorporate processed editorial images to magazine covers, or even to the entire magazine layout. See some samples of how we incorporate these kind of images to the magazines we’ve published in our portfolio.

2. Industrial

Manufacturing companies like automobile, apparel and merchandise, fashion, marketing agencies and design consultancies purchase industrial photography and images. They particularly need edited or retouched images of products, cars, apparels or production processes for use in marketing communications, on websites or ecommerce such as for online shopping displays.

Photo editors enhance general shots of products or industrial scenes to be published on websites, and photo libraries or market them to companies and agencies as stock images. In our case study section, an apparel retail shop with a large e-commerce site and product catalog consisting of over 10,000 products, was struggling to meet the needs to digitally edit images of products to display on the site in a timely manner. The Open Look Design Team successfully completed this project and was able to meet the needs of the retailer within 3 days.

3. Advertising

Advertising agencies hire photographers to shoot images for advertisements that appear in newspapers, magazines or billboards.

Photo editors in this industry work under a creative person to produce a specific image. Every raw photos provided by photographers are enhanced or manipulated to adhere to what clients need.  Advertising photo editors and designers may specialize in raw products photos or lifestyle images that may also include creating company logos, advertisements, media kits, company letterhead, and more.

4. Events

This industry is for folks who enjoy shooting, or editing images of people. The main markets are weddings, anniversaries, graduations, celebrations and business events such as conferences or award ceremonies.

There is much work to be provided quickly and professionally such as picking of the most successful shots, active color correction, charming portrait retouching, strange background changing/editing, creative album designing. Photographers cannot do all these processes. That’s why photo editors come in to process large amounts of event photos within a quick turnaround and still guarantee top quality.

5. Sports

Sports photographers shoot live action at games and forward raw images to photo editors and retouchers before having them published on newspaper and magazines, or to the clubs hosting the games.

Horns Illustrated and Texas Lacrosse are two big sports covering publications we work with when it comes to sports magazine layout and sports photo editing. Each task is challenging that we need the top and the best photo editors and graphic designers to be upfront.

Did we miss your industry? Or do you also produce a large amount of raw photos to be processed quickly and professionally? Call us at 214-403-3755 Now!

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