Understanding the Significant Trends of Web Design and Data Entry

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With the rise in the use of mobile devices, you’d be doing your business a huge damage if your website is not responsive and mobile friendly. However, this always seems to be a common ground of confusion among people most especially with the clients. We believe it’s just a good idea to take this opportunity to explain the difference between this latest advancement in web design.


WEB DESIGN: Responsive Vs. Mobile Friendly

A responsive website is different from a mobile friendly website.

Here’s a short comparison: a mobile friendly website will look good on mobile devices but it might have problems and be harder to navigate when viewed on devices with a higher resolution. A responsive website is a website design that allows your website to adjust to the size of any screen it is being viewed on.

It is advisable for website developers and website owners to configure website for multiple devices and understand the difference between devices. Google can help when it comes to that.

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ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES: The Time Trap of Manual Data Entry

Automation has been a rising trend in the past few years. With all the advances in technology, a lot of developers take on data entry to improve business processes. For example, you can use an application or software, such as the iTrace, a data entry website that we developed for clients who are dealing with a lot of forms from their customers.  iTrace system is developed to cater photography clients with a bunch of orders and requests. Photographers will just upload the scanned documents from their customers and then they get back to it with an organized display and sequence of customers’ orders and requests. Everything will then be in a smooth flow for them to focus on their craft. Behind our iTrace system is a team of data management and human intelligence professionals.

We believe businesses like these photography clients will have opportunities to save a ton of time in their workflow. They just have to understand how new technologies like iTrace work. It is important to understand the technologies and build a process around them before putting clients through the process.

And, Open Look has already started to see how businesses are shifting from doing data entry to having an automated data management system. Getting in front of this technology is important to ensure that you’re killing the time trap of manual data entry.

Let Open Look act as an extension of your business, dedicated to your continued success and growth. While we can deliver list building, data entry and copy editing  services for your specific needs, we could also automate the process through developing systems, software or apps. Contact us today.