Want to be Productive? Make 2018 the Year of Outsourcing!

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Automation has come a long way to reform the current workforce we have, but there are still jobs that a computer can’t do and businesses may not have the time or have the best individual for the job. In cases like this, consider outsourcing. The key in outsourcing is to hire efficiently and give clear, administrative guidelines.

When hiring, ask the outsourcing company some qualifying questions that determine the actual work they need to do. In some line of works, that could be computing time differences, data entry, researching and analyzing names and contact information for possible leads and connections, customer services, graphic design or copy editing. By giving tangible tasks, this step should eradicate people that are not qualified.

The real essence of outsourcing comes when you (as a business owner) are focusing on things that move the needle in your business. Outsourcing allows you to work on your business instead of working in your business. It allows you to not wear too many hats and allows you to be the boss and not an employee of your business.

Concentrating on things that move the business means working on the projects that produce revenue. If you can generate more revenue, you can employ more people to do the painstaking jobs. This allows you to rule at a rate you want instead of trying to keep up with customers or orders you need to fulfill.

With client-focused staff, Open Look strives to become a valuable extension of each business truly forming a team atmosphere all working towards the same goal. Each client is provided with daily customized reports highlighting the progress of their project. Our unique setup allows for flexibility in order to quickly adjust our service levels to meet the ever-changing business needs of our clients.

Want to be productive in 2018? Make it the year of outsourcing for you and your company. Call Open Look at 214-403-3755.

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