Audience Development & Telemarketing

Growing and defining your audience is a necessary function in today’s ever competitive landscape. Open Look has built a team of trained Audience Development Specialists with the capability of handling thousands of phone calls every day. Our integrated, customized dialing platform allows for our specialists to handle calls, input required information, track performance statistics and export any necessary information all from one system.

Each of our Audience Development and Telemarketing projects are paired with our detailed Quality Assurance Process ensuring that the needs and objectives of each project are being met. The Open Look Quality Assurance team reviews a minimum of 30% up to 100% of all completed calls. If quality issues are detected, concerns are immediately endorsed to our Training and Operations teams to address and correct.

Controlled & Audited Circulation

Open Look has years of experience in handling projects governed by all major circulation auditing firms. We understand the importance of audit compliance which is why we have built a team to review 100% of completed calls ensuring that each audit cycle runs smoothly without any wasted dollars.

Event Registration

Open Look works with event planners in helping to build event attendance. We have experience with various types of events from virtual, live and pre-recorded webinars to workshops, seminars, and multi-day conventions. We have worked in industries spanning, travel, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and more.

Lead Generation

It’s a known fact that sales closing rates increase when salespeople are working with qualified leads. Open Look weeds out the “not interested” response, identifying the interested and qualified leads that your sales team should be focused on. Our lead generation solutions provide the capabilities of transferring leads in real-time, we can provide a daily list of leads generated or compile a complete list at the end of a project.

Data Verification and Opt In

Companies spend countless dollars on gathering data from customers, industry trends, market research and more, in order to produce the most targeted marketing strategies and customer experience possible. However once data is gathered keeping it up to date can be extremely time consuming and costly. Open Look provides services to ensure your database is up to date with accurate information and your marketing efforts are focused on customers that have agreed to receive your information.

Customer Surveys

Knowing the behaviors, satisfaction and opinions of your customers assists businesses in staying at the forefront of the needs of their respective industry. Open Look provides businesses with market research efforts uncovering trends, receiving customer feedback post sale, and more.