Using Telemarketing to Enhance the Overall Business Revenue

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Telemarketing is recognized as a successful marketing tool used worldwide to produce sales, subscriptions, or make business contacts. Telemarketing does all of these: Selling Telephone-based collecting of data Spreading information on services or products Appointment making Telemarketing landscape has changed a lot with so many new technologies in today’s market….

Graphic Design Trends, Branding and Outsourcing

Fantasy themes will continue to be seen in branding choices, including the use of vibrant colors, creating a sense of diversion from reality, as well as communicative and custom-made hand lettering and typography to match. In terms of logo design and redesign, simple line work and slick vector shapes continue…

Successful Campaigns Start with Quality Data!

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In any industry, real-time data and information is critical to the success of many of the world’s top brands. And while the need for quality research, data, and content is always the goal for these top companies, so too is the speed at which they achieve it. How have they…

Philippines BPO as a Top Source of Media and Publishing Solutions

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We extensively have known that outsourcing in the Philippines has the following benefits in general: Bring down expenses Enhanced efficiency Saves money and time without conceding the quality of work Today it is still all of that, but there’s so much more for media and publishing through outsourcing it to…

The Role of Creative Graphic Designers in Your Next Magazine Issue

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As the publishing industry continues to swing and change, the visual component of a magazine is becoming progressively significant, and having a creative team of graphic designers to rely on is critical to ensure that you make a good visual impression. Appearance is everything! From a magazine cover to layouts…