The Role of Data Professionals in the Customer Service Industry

The customer service industry will experience the biggest digital change yet as customer experience brand leaders pursue to develop multi-channels, leverage analytics, implement automation, and incorporate the front office with back office operations. Business owners and managers are now starting to employ data professionals to support customer service sector. When is the Right Time to Hire Data Professionals? Now!

The Power of Human-Verified Data Management

Human-Verified Data Management is one of the most essential factors to successfully convert leads to sales. The significance of data cannot be over-emphasized – data can be an important difference maker in completing a sale frequently. By considering customer preferences, and what they are looking for, sales representatives can be very ready to close the sale, and this is promising through cautious analysis of the data. Not all businesses invest in data research and data management though. They just leave it to sales representatives and expect the sale to close, and they do not really care about what the sales representatives are doing in the development process. This conversely, may fail, and sales representatives may perform poorly, which will cause them to leave and businesses are now left with exhausted data.

In its place, what should be done is to invest in human-verified data management, and ensure that sales representatives have all the information and intelligence they need to be able to effectively close a sale. The data can be analyzed in a variety of ways to not just gain intelligence about the prospect but also on the course, interested parties such as managers and executives can also easily measure the performance of sales reps and other customer service related functions.

Stay on Track with Your Audience Development Strategy

Maximize the value of your audience finder insights to give your audience development planning a boost – set those KPIs, sharpen up your strategy, and refine your focus by consulting the right experts in audience development.

Working with a team to bring layers of data and insight can give the customer service team a full picture of opportunities and focus audience development and customer service efforts in a way that can maximize return on investment.

Hiring the Right Data Professionals

Customer service industry lives in a world of unverified data including phone calls, chat transcripts, social transcripts, text transcripts, etc. They need data professionals to help make sense of the data and eventually learn what customers are saying, demanding, complaining about, admiring, and inquiring.

With the upsurge in digital conversations, hiring the right data professionals is going to become serious if they want to implement their customer service and audience development perfectly and remain competitive.

Open Look resolved 60% Database Issues, Captured 40% Email Addresses

A multiple-event, specialty trade show organizer needed to refine and update customer information in their database. Over multiple years, the show organizer built a large database of customers and needed to add demographic information and update old information. One important piece of information that needed to be gathered was email addresses. The project required a large amount of work which made it difficult to assign current employees to the project, and hiring new in-house employees was not justified considering the required work was not a long term task. 

Open Look assigned a dedicated team of three telemarketers to the project. Each retailer was called 4-5 times prior to declaring the location as “unreachable.” A uniform reporting system was developed to ensure data accuracy. 

The Open Look team was able to resolve over 60% of the database through the telemarketing efforts in place, with capturing 40% email addresses of the retailers provided. Based on the success of this initial project, Open Look played a vital role in 3 similar time-sensitive projects, as well as one long-term, on-going contract. Open Look assisted in the launching of 5 new digital products the organizer offered to their show exhibitors. The new product required exhibitors to sign up to a new lead generation website which allowed exhibitors the opportunity to receive information on interested potential consumers of their product. The initial goal was to achieve 1,000 participants, show exhibitors, within a six-month period, which was also achieved at 100% completion.

Open Look Audience Development Team and Human Verified Data Team can work in tandem to support Audience Development, Customer Service, Lead Generation needs of any businesses and companies. Give us a call at 214-403-3755. 

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