Using BPA Data to Develop Effective Circulation and Marketing Strategies

Business Publication Audits (BPA) comprises of self-regulating, third-party circulation audits and magazine audits performed with BPA rules, guidelines and procedures. BPA requires strict compliance in terms of call handling and reporting; in addition, every telephone call must be recorded.

For the business owners and publishers end, if they want to invest in advertising or they want to know what’s going on with their content or publications, it is a must for them to know the audience. The value of the audience is defined by who is in it and how they use the publication: receivership and readership, respectively. The BPA generally defines the receivership side of the equation. The reports are the market notes that allow publishers to proficiently evaluate, plan and bargain across several platforms.

Here are some of the means of BPA audits that we upkeep with a team specializing on Audience Development. These means of audits can help publishers and business owners to decide what type of data is needed in their publication in a way that is cost-saving.

Business Publications

Outsourced BPA like our Audience Development and Telemarketing services include print and digital editions. It verifies paid, controlled, or any combination of paid and controlled circulation, and reports the data in a detailed, single report. The report shows publishers verified audience data and demographics across all of their media channels.

Consumer Magazines

The BPA consumer magazine audit verifies paid, controlled, or any combination of paid and controlled circulation (including print and digital editions), and reports the data in a single report. Publishers may add additional audience channels, including telemarketing and/or via online platforms.

Daily & Community Newspapers

A lot of daily and community newspaper brands trust this means of BPA audits that aims to enhance their advertising sales. BPA’s unrivaled severity, industry-leading commitment to full reporting admission, and reliability has stood the test for so many years.


Database audit enables publishers and business owners to provide users with assurance of the legitimacy of the names and associated demographics being promoted. When a company purchases names from a database that is audited, the client may add these names to their mailing list as verified qualified recipients, without further testing by BPA.


An e-newsletter audit is usually performed by a Data Analyst with dominant experience in analytics. This means of BPA provides a verified summary of the distribution of email newsletters. Metrics usually includes a statement of distribution, average email circulation for the period, qualified distribution by individual issues, average nonqualified distribution, and a glossary of terms. Additional data like open rates, frequency of access, and demographics may also be included.


A BPA event audit provides the most comprehensive, actionable and clear information and is the best way for exhibitors to justify a continuous investment to an event. Event organizers can prove they connect the right buyers with the right sellers within the right context with this kind of audit.

Business Publication Audit of Circulation that Saved our Client Nearly 50% on Salary Costs

A B2B niche magazine publisher lost an in-house team member handling their telemarketing BPA re-qualification campaign. The publisher’s audit could not wait for a replacement to be found. They needed to move quickly in order to achieve the necessary targets for their annual audit. BPA requires strict compliance in terms of call handling and reporting; in addition, every telephone call must be recorded. Considering this was an ongoing in-house project with important deadlines meant an immediate solution was necessary in order to replace the decline in productivity due to losing the team member.

Open Look assigned a dedicated team of two telemarketing agents to the project in order to achieve the necessary targets. Prior to conducting telephone calls the team took part in product-specific training consisting of not only magazine specific information, but BPA guidelines as well.

Every verified call passed through Open Look’s Quality Assurance process in order to ensure each call met the client requirements and BPA standards.

The ability to quickly train and deploy agents to the project allowed the client’s project to quickly continue with minimal interruption and goals to quickly be achieved. Given the success of the project, Open Look’s team was able to increase productivity to a point where one agent was able to exceed the performance required by the client. The increase in productivity allowed for targets to be consistently met, and also allowed the client to save additional money by not being forced to hire right away. Outsourcing the necessary tasks allowed for the client to save nearly 50% on salary costs alone, and an additional 50% on outsourcing expenses months into the project by decreasing team size from two down to one.

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