Leading Photo Retouching Services That You Should Capitalize for Your Online Business

A  superior quality image plays a very important role in an online shopping website.  It is the preeminent guide for consumers in their decision making towards the product. If you are into an e-commerce business, you have to make sure that you display quality and genuine images to further get an increase in sales.

Below are the top photo retouching services that we have continually do to our clients worldwide and why you should invest in improving the quality of the images of your e-commerce website to further capitalize your online business.

1. High-End Photo Retouching

As a premier magazine publisher, Open Look does this type of photo retouching that you usually see in the top niche magazines and other recognized global brands’ advertising resources. We consider this as one of the most laborious and sumptuous photo retouching styles that primarily involves solid knowledge of high-end photo retouching techniques and an enormous amount of time in training.

2. Fashion Photo Retouching

Most raw photos from professional photographers have to deal with imperfection. There will always be some variables and unanticipated situations that can cause photos to look distorted or broken. This service is the most effective way to guarantee that all valued images look their best to make an affirmative impression. Our photo retouchers can work with highlights and shadows, and sometimes they will be able to shape a person’s face in a way that will make lighting look melodramatic, and a face that is remarkable.

3. Product Photo Retouching

When you are in an online shopping or e-commerce business, product photo retouching is a must to increase sales. See this page for the tips. 

4. Real Estate Photo Retouching

Color correction or white balance adjustment is a necessary step in the process of finalizing your real estate images. Very often when shooting under household tungsten and fluorescent lights images tend to have a strong color cast. This has to be removed.

Wide angle lenses are preferred for photographing real estate images. These lenses are susceptible to distortions. Typically, you get barrel distortions which will make straight lines appear curved. This again needs to be adjusted before you can use any images. Exposure and contrast adjustment are also necessary. These help create a more balanced and definitely sharper image. Exposure blending on the other hand requires a slightly more advanced editing technique. 

5. Car Photo Retouching

This targeted niche is considered as one of the challenging fields in the photo editing industry that is why Open Look photo editing team has created a seamless process that will improve quality of car photographs. The primary purpose is to deliver visual effects to such automotive products and help produce the original quality with eye catching look, professional results and lucidity of the photos. Open Look’s photo editing procedures turn ordinary car photographs to high quality results by performing the following methods.

Professional Photo Editing with 24-hour Turnaround Time

An apparel retail shop with a large e-commerce site and product catalog consisting of over 10,000 products, was struggling to meet the demands of conducting photo shoots, editing and enhancing images and uploading to their website in a cost effective and timely manner. The image editing process requires strict adherence to their stylistic vision consisting of consistent background, enhancements of imperfections and sizing, all being completed within a 24-hour window.

The Open Look team began with initial testing of images, both products as well as models. After working together with the client defining workflow, addressing skin tone requirements, contrast and sizing. A process was developed to complete editing requirements per photo shoot, within the required deadline and providing detailed reporting including completed images as well as corrupted images requiring additional attention.

The retailer has decided to outsource all photo editing needs including images of both products and models. The Open Look Design Team has increased efficiency with designers completing in excess of 1,500 images on a weekly basis and within the necessary 24-hour window. The production of the Open Look Design team has allowed the retailer to eliminate the need of managing the entire process, and most importantly, decrease their cost as well as ensure their on-line inventory remains current and up-to-date.

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