5 Qualities of an Effective Graphic Designer

Graphic designers produce images that visually communicate information to a particular niche audience. They use software, apps and other digital tools to create designs from logos to advertisements, media kits, company letterhead, and more.

“Graphic designers combine art and technology in bringing ideas to life with creative, eye-catching work.”

They possess a variety of artistic skills they can apply to different design projects. According to statistics, there are only a few graphic designers around the world but it’s one of the well paid careers we have today. And finding an effective graphic designer is a challenge.

We have gathered the qualities of an effective graphic designer by interviewing and evaluating the team of graphic designers we have in the company. Here are the facts we’ve got! 

1. Impressive Creativity

Impressive Creativity of a Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a field where you will find the perfect blend of technology, art and creativity. It is a creative art, so if you are a graphic designer, then you must have that creative soul. An effective graphic designer must be creative and they must be able to apply their creativity into their designs at all times. They don’t just follow the latest trends; they find motivation everywhere and even within themselves.

According to Adobecompanies that foster creativity enjoy 1.5x greater market share. Design-led companies invest heavily in powerful customer experiences – a key element to tackle if you want to get your customers’ attention and motivate them to keep coming back.

2. Highly Communicative

Communicative Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, you will need to work diligently with others of course. If you can’t communicate your ideas openly, you’re going to struggle to cooperate effectively. You must be willing to be a good team player and a good listener all at the same time; otherwise you’ll have trouble meeting design specifications.

An effective designer needs to be able to understand how effective communication works.

Due to being responsive, professional and being delight to work with, a social media powerhouse with more than 40 million social media fans and 500 million video views a month tapped Open Look Graphic Design to do their social media graphics.

3. Ability to Solve Problems

Problem Solving Skills of a Graphic Designer

Problem and designing are two things to tackle with as a graphic designer. But the main concern really is that most problems are boring. An effective graphic designer must put on the artistic cap and makes it a fascinating one for the audience. It’s the artistic ability that will make them solve the problems and make boring designs really, really interesting.

Oftentimes, clients come up with some ambiguous ideas and it’s the graphic designer to take the challenge, accept it and come up with some amazing ideas — aiming to impress the client as well. An effective graphic designer will not shy away from a challenge and will most likely learn new ideas and ask questions that most of the clients will oversee.

Designers are creative problem solvers. Christopher Allen has something to say about this.

4. Open to Change and New Learnings

Open to Change and Learnings Graphic Designer

Aside from the fact that graphic designers are remarkable in creating something out of nothing, they are also great in redesigning something thinking whether they can outshine the design or not. Graphic designers have an enduring need to make everything better, something that makes them see chances where people typically don’t.

An effective graphic designer is humble in embracing new ideas from others and they love to keep up with all new developments to get ahead of latest trends.

While we’ve seen some extraordinary graphic design trends over the past year, 2019 is reassuring to take the design to a brand-new, bolder level. Graphic designer Kelly Lauren took the challenge for a change and a modern take on some brands. She redesigned the logos of Starbucks, Coffee Bean, and Folgers.

5. Know the Importance of Patience

Patience is the key to long term success in graphic design. Getting designs the way you want takes patience and attention to detail in every aspect. It comprises dedication, hard work and discipline. It’s not easy yet so worth it.

An effective graphic designer has the patience to endure working on an idea that resembles with the needs of the client. Coming up with a design that pleases a client and the respective niche audiences does not only requires hard work, it’s also terrifying. And if you don’t have the patience to withstand questions, feedback, corrections and requests of redesigns, then you might as well start considering another profession.

ConsumerAffairs listed graphic designers as one of the top creative occupations where job seekers will find the most opportunities. It’s because the demand for visual content is on the rise, it means graphic designers are more in demand than ever and finding an effective graphic designer for your needs is necessary.

Outsourcing Graphic Design

We, at Open Look, leverage our breadth of experience to provide exceptional custom publishing and graphic design services. Our team of professional and effective designers assists with bringing your ideas to life with creative, eye-catching work. 

39% Significant Cost Savings by Outsourcing Graphic Design

A well-established niche publisher with two leading international hobby magazines recognized the opportunity for improved magazine layout and graphic design production through outsourcing.  

The client’s goal was for Open Look to take over all of the magazine layout and graphic design production. Open Look hand-picked one of the finest graphic designers in-house to study, research, design and lay out their upcoming magazine issues. To be successful, Open Look had to keep up with their fast-paced production cycle without sacrificing the quality necessary to improve the audience reach of the publication.

“Making the move from a full-time, salaried, in-house graphic designer for our two magazines to Open Look will save me 39% over the first year. On top of the significant cost savings, I’m very happy with the quality of their design work and how much easier it was than I thought to outsource my graphic design. Thanks to the Open Look team.” – Publisher.

Are you ready to find that effective graphic designer with us? Are you ready to take your business to the next level with our cost-saving outsourcing services? Know more about our services for us adapt to your needs and requirements. Give us a call at 214-403-3755 or email mike@open-look.com. 

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