The Significant Role of Social Media to Business Process Outsourcing

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Social media has not only changed the way companies market to consumers but also how consumers provide feedback to companies. Consumers have discovered that a tweet or post directed at a company that goes “viral” can have a much greater (and quicker) impact than calling a customer service number. As such, an excerpt below from Forbes article discusses how BPO companies that provide customer services, through platforms such as call centers, are now shifting toward social media engagement and management to seek out and rectify issues that are posted to social media. The article expects BPO companies to put more resources into all aspects of social media management in order to provide for their clients.

There will be a larger focus on social media tools and automation.

Social media has exploded. While at one time it was something that only teenagers cared about, now everyone is involved, and any business that is not using these platforms effectively is missing out. Social media usage is now the third most popular online activity, and these consumers will expect every company to be just as invested in social media as they are.

Unfortunately, managing a social media account is now a full-time job, or in some cases, many full-time jobs. This means spending hours on content that gets engagement and paying employees to answer customer questions and concerns quickly and in a professional manner.

While in the past, the call center was the way to go for tending to your customers, it’s much less likely that they’ll be willing to make a phone call to get answers for their concerns. In 2019, companies will be looking to outsource this work in ways that increase engagement and keep their customers happy.

There will be a big focus on providing quality customer service, especially because social media is a double-edged sword. Great customer service can win the hearts of consumers and even go viral, but bad customer service can spread like wildfire and damage brands.

The internet is a very public place, and companies will be looking to outsource to BPO companies that can quickly address their customer’s concerns and put out fires before they spread. They’ll also be willing to pay top dollar for services or products that can help them to grow their business. This might include opportunities to fix problems or to capitalize on PR opportunities in trending tags.

BPO companies will need to be better-rounded.

Outsourcing used to be all about call centers, but now you can outsource almost anything, and many lean startups and smaller companies will be looking for a BPO that can do it all. This means providing customer service, social media services, design work, IT help and anything else that they may need.

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, and it could actually be a saving grace for BPO companies that may lose work to automation and AI. By shifting their focus to creative jobs and tasks that software simply can’t do, they will diversify their offerings. This could mean even bigger profits for BPO and more employment opportunities that are shielded from the impact of automation.

This post originally appeared at Forbes written by Cody McLain.

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