[Infographic] 11 Top Graphic Design Trends

Graphic Design
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This infographic from Depositphotos offers the latest trends with tips on how to help your organization stand out.

Here are some trends it suggests you investigate:

  • Fluid shapes
  • 3D design
  • Bold, “neon” colors
  • Asymmetry
  • Eclictics
  • Brutalism
  • Gradients

To learn how to implement these graphic design ideas into your website and offline materials, consider the full infographic.

Thousands of Social Media Graphics Produced for a Social Media Powerhouse with more than 30 Million Fans and 500 Million Video Views a Month

A social media powerhouse with more than 30 million fans and 500 million video views a month was looking to up their game when it comes to graphic design.  They were looking for graphic designers who are not only fit to meet their fast-paced design schedule, but also suitable to provide the quality their audience has come to expect.

The Open Look team examined previous designs meticulously and sensibly probed client’s instructions. After properly defining style guide requirements and material flow, Open Look began the testing phase producing sample graphics based on client’s needs. This process allowed both Open Look and the client, to properly set expectations and fully understand the best workflow for success.

Upon successful completion of the initial test as well as initial live batches of thumbnail designs, Open Look has since been called upon to take charge of all social media graphics for the client. In less than 3 months the Open Look team has produced thousands of graphics as well as expanded into video thumbnails which are all currently live throughout all of the client’s social media channels.

If this is something you also need to boost your marketing and branding strategy, call Open Look at 214-403-3755 or email mike@open-look.com

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