Graphic Design: Satisfying the Creative Needs of Generation Z

You’ve heard a lot about the Millennials; now it’s time to learn about Generation Z – those born between 1995 and 2002. Gen Z feels the world they inhabit is one of perpetual struggle – dystopian, unequal and harsh.

You can’t blame them really. They were born in the shadow of economic decline, job insecurity, increasing inequality and a lack of financial optimism. It’s an anxious generation.

But what’s interesting about Generation Z and the Millennial is that they’re enormously creative. They love to make things, hack things, and create something new. They’re inspired by everything around them – and this is where you and your graphic design creativity come into play.

According to the experts, Generation Z has a higher amount of annual spending power in Europe, The Middle East, and Africa alone, so it’s most absolutely a lucrative target for brands and businesses to sell to.

Creative design is in the position to create the visual communications that will appeal to these generations because design and branding matters more now.

The need to create visuals that will attract and win over this tough crowd will ensure design is treated with the respect it deserves. It will be your job as a designer to help win hearts and minds through your creativity. How exciting is that!

How Open Look Can Help

Providing an effective branding, trendy graphic design and creative services to Generation Z across the globe is the main focus of Open Look as your chosen outsourcing company. Open Look creates brand identity and communication campaigns best in the niche media industry.

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