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In the business and corporate world, data entry is a task that is necessary in any major developments. Undeniably, a data entry professional would be pushed to come up with an occupation that doesn’t involve the procedure of manually entering data at all.

Accuracy and completion of tasks help business analysts and owners make decisions and track trends, and other provisions. However, the fast pace of innovation reasonably makes many people spectacle if automation will be a genuine risk to data entry jobs or will give more career paths to help professionals earn a living or evolve in terms of skills and knowledge.

Many businesses are beginning to swing over to digital and automated transformation replacing some sorts of cabinet files with sort of systematic applications. Automation for these matters is well suited for performing predictable, repetitive tasks with accuracy. Let’s go over the following automation trends in data entry.

A Programmer Automated their Data Entry Job

For instance, a much-discussed anxiety of work in the modern age is the potential for robots to take our jobs. Some tasks could clearly be done better by computers or machines than humans, and we’ve already seen factories across the world turn to automation to cut costs. But what happens when an individual programmer manages to automate themselves out of their own job? See this news, a programmer automated their data-entry job.

Specific Application Developed to Cater Photography Clients

Open Look developed a specific application called EasyData, a data entry system for clients who are dealing with a lot of forms from their customers. EasyData is developed to cater photography clients with a bunch of orders and requests. Photographers will just upload the scanned documents from their customers and then they get back to it with an organized display and sequence of customers’ orders and requests. Hassle free! In essence, we can systematize the process by developing software and applications for your specific needs.

Hoodline finds Local Stories by Mining Large Data Sets

Hoodline is offering an automated news wire service focused on the local stories that can be found by mining large data sets, whether from city governments or from private companies like Yelp and Zumper. It handles the raw data and data analysis side of things: collecting available public data sets, forming partnerships with private companies to use their data, and narrowing trends and other local news topics that might be worth pursuing as stories down to the neighborhood level. Then it generates articles from this cleaned-up data using automation software (with help from Automated Insights, also used by the Associated Press), which are then available to news organizations interested in data-backed stories helpfully localized for the communities they cover. See this on how they find local stories by mining large data sets.

Robotic Process Automation and the Death of Data Entry

Rather than killing jobs, automation in this sense helps knowledge workers scale up their data processing ability to match the growing supply of data collected by modern business intelligence tools — it’s a way to hand off the robotic, eye-glazing work to a bot and focus on something more human and interesting. Read this article on how automation can save business time and money.

Human Intelligence Tasks Professionals to the Rescue

To match the latest automation of data entry works that are now happening, a basic data entry alone cannot advance to the demand of the data entry job evolution.  Businesses and companies now need, more than anything else, a human intelligence tasks team to produce not just an automated but also a human verified data.

With automation and human verification intervention, data entry work becomes exciting. Human Intelligence Tasks Professionals handle the work as more stimulating tasks and more willing to adapt to change and potentially grow their skills to match developing needs, the possibility increases that they will be able to take part in more likeable, accomplishing work.

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