Top Data Entry Services Available in the Outsourcing World

Data is an essential element in every business that is why it is important to manage data and deal with it using the latest methodology and technology. For many businesses, it’s better to outsource for them data entry to experts who are experienced in dealing with different types of data.

Data entry is not an easy task. It is a time consuming process that requires knowledge of the different kinds of data entry techniques.

What are the top data entry services available in the outsourcing world?

Online Data Entry

This is the most common data entry service ranging from simple data entry work to complex compilation of data.  Data entry specialists do more research and data mining from various sources like catalogs, listings, business cards, websites, e-book, and many more.

Image Data Entry

This kind of data entry service is done through extracting data from scanned images, cropping of images, capturing, editing of image, clipping services and other image data related works.

We are proud to consider that our administrative service is proficient in dealing with this sort. We have developed a system that involves image data entry right now.

Catalog Data Entry

If it is to organize online catalog, revising textual description, deleting or adding information, then it belongs to this category.

Dealing with Database

Database is the heart of data entry storage.  It is where every data is being saved, retrieved, updated or deleted. A data entry specialist should be well-informed with different databases such as SQL database and servers, Visual Basic, MS Access and others.

Clean, accurate data provide companies the upper hand in identifying audiences, market trends, buying decisions, and more. With the ability to capture thousands of data points to meet various needs, the task of keeping this data clean and up to date can be daunting.

The Open Look Data Research team provides businesses with human verified information to assist with data appending, list building, data entry and data formatting. Whether you’re looking for customer information, industry information or need data entry services the Open Look team will touch each data point ensuring accuracy and your data remains up to date.

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