The Increasing Demand of Human Verified Data Scraping

Data is power and businesses work hard to ensure they have the necessary information at its fingertips. Let’s dive right in and talk about a hot project request that many of you are asking about lately and we haven’t detailed yet in any of our blog post – Data Scraping.

Data scraping, also called web scraping, data extraction, or web harvesting, is basically the process of collecting data from websites and storing it on your local database or spreadsheets.

Common uses of data scraping include: (based on what we do)

  • Research for web content
  • Finding sales leads or conducting market research by researching public data sources.
  • Monitor competitors’ prices, locations and service offerings
  • Sending data from an e-commerce site to another online vendor.
  • Gather list data from a website or files and transfer it to a spreadsheet.
  • Obtain customer and product insight from forums, blogs and review sites
  • Extracting website data for research and competitive analysis
  • Social media scraping for trend and customer analysis
  • Regular or even, real-time updates of exchange rates, insurance rates, interest rates, mortgage rates, stock prices and more.
  • Keyword searches and analysis through search engines.
  • Database extractions for replication and backup
  • Monitor web pages and provide alerts for changes
  • Website content update of product or service details from a target related websites
  • Reap photographs, icons, PDFs or files
  • Scrape unstructured data from the web, clean-up and restructure for analysis
  • Mine transactional details from monetary or accounting firms in real time.

The basics of data scraping are reasonably easy to master. That’s why we take pride to be proficient in this arena of data research and entry. Let’s go directly through what Open Look’s Human Intelligence Tasks (HITS) Team can do for you and your business.

Open Look’s HITS team is an experienced provider of data scraping services to organizations across the outsourcing world. Our scraping services utilize human verified data techniques to harvest any data from a file or a web page in a timely, accurate and affordable manner.

The team’s goal is always to help clients obtain valuable data that can be used and analyzed to create new ideas and insights, and improved business strategies. In this way, we can allow you to manage the most important part of your business for a greater revenue.

As you go to employ data entry professionals, you must look for the following traits we’ve known to have in our data management and human intelligence tasks team.

Automated Data Scraping is happening

In the business world, data scraping is a task that is crucial in any major developments. Undeniably, a data scraping professional would be pushed to come up with an occupation that doesn’t involve the procedure of manually entering data at all. And whether or not business owners intend to use data scraping in their business processes, it is still worthwhile to be aware on the subject, as it is likely to become even more essential in the next few years.

There are now automated data entry Artificial Intelligence on the market that can use machine learning to keep on getting better at recognizing inputs which only humans have traditionally been able to interpret.

If you’re in any doubt over whether an outstanding improvement can happen in the near future, try out some Robotic Process Automation (RPA) available in the market.

Quality Data Starts with Human Verified Data Research!

Data quality is a vital aspect for the continual progress of any business and is perhaps one of the most important characteristics of an organization’s success. One way of ensuring data quality is by outsourcing data scraping professionals.

Data scraping services with significant human touch involved is unquestionably beneficial. We call it human-verified data scraping solutions. Quality data for us at HITS team is a Human-Verified data organized through entering data in forms, documents, records and database, no matter what type of business being touched.

It’s a competitive market of data research and analysis is out there because of AI and focused human verification, but for you, you have to look for a service that provides the best solution of obtaining quality data. Open Look HITS team can extract data from multiple sources and present it to you in your specified parameter. If this is something your business or company needs in 2019, give us a call 214-403-3755.

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