Audience Support

Developing an audience can take tremendous effort, time and money, after the investment of creating the audience, it’s essential to continue the same quality of support and output that allowed you to initially earn the business in the first place. The Open Look Audience Team seamless integrates current to business processes, or can assist in creating new business processes to ensure your audience both internal or external are properly supported and your employees and customers remain happy.

Technical Support

With companies incorporating more and more technology into their daily business, it is essential that all tech related questions and concerns are addressed and solved in a timely manner. Businesses are incorporating technology in many different ways, to enhance the work flow for internal solutions, supporting their customer base, processing orders, communicating and more. The Open Look Technical Support team are specifically trained on customer’s systems to provide, Tier 1, 2, and 3 support, ensuring maximum technology up-time minimizing technology related business attrition.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is an integral part of business success and growth. Pre-sale, post-sale, in-sale and beyond are important stages within the customer life cycle, it is essential to ensure someone is there to walk a customer through each stage. The Open Look Customer Service team provides assistance to your customer base, with every effort to ensure a positive experience each time interaction takes place.

Quality Control

Quality control is imperative to ensure a product or service meets the required standard ensuring consistent output every time. The Open Look Quality Control team, assists in reviewing telephone calls, copy editing, data formatting and more. Maintaining the desired quality output, ensures your customers receive the expected output time and time again.

Project Management

Projects can be defined in various ways, some businesses have projects needs that fall out of the core scope of the day-to-day that may not make sense to employ full time staff. Other businesses have on going project management needs with tedious details requiring someone to oversee each step within the process. Open Look Project Management provides companies the flexibility to take on new or old projects without overloading current staff, ensuring maintained quality output.