Human Verified Data Research

Clean, accurate data provide companies the upper hand in identifying audiences, market trends, buying decisions, and more. With the ability to capture thousands of data points to meet various needs, the task of keeping this data clean and up to date can be daunting.

The Open Look Data Research team provides businesses with human verified information to assist with data appending, list building, data entry and data formatting. Whether you’re looking for customer information, industry information or need data entry services the Open Look team will touch each data point ensuring accuracy and your data remains up to date.

Data Research Lead Generation Case Study


The Human Intelligence Tasks (HITS) Department at Open Look ably handled the project with a team of Audience Development Specialists. Relying on their skills in human verified data research, the HITS team performed the initial test project to determine whether Open Look properly executed the client instructions. Upon obtaining verification from the client, the Audience Development Department at Open Look jumped in for additional data capture and confirmation of leads. The two teams worked in tandem to obtain the required number of leads (19,000) within the span of 1 month.