Cebu Leadership Team

Angela Galera

HR Director
Angela is a true HR professional with a post graduate degree in Human Resource and Organizational Management. Beginning her career in the early 2000’s, Angela has spent time in each role making up the complete Human Resource department. She currently hold Certifications from the International Federation of Professional Managers, Philippines and the Australian Human Resource Institute in Australia. Currently, Angela is responsible to oversee all day-to-day HR functions for Open Look, including Recruiting, Compensation and Benefits, and Employee Relations.

Dennis Buhay

Director of Operations
Dennis is a true teacher and developer. In 2007 Dennis shifted his career focus from traditional education settings and set out for a career in the BPO and outsourcing industry. Dennis has held various roles in leadership training and development and operational excellence, achieving accomplishments of Supervisor of the Year from a large outsourcing solutions provider. Dennis is an out of the box, forward thinker with a passion for people development. Dennis is responsible to oversees all offshore operations ensuring targets are achieved and quality standards met.

Darwin Canales

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager
Darwin brings a diverse experience set to the financial role. Beginning his publishing career in 2010, and having spent time in roles as a Graphic Design Supervisor, Marketing Analyst, Data Analyst, Reports Analyst and Resource Planning Supervisor, Darwin brings first hand experiences understanding operational needs ensuring the most appropriate financial solution. Currently, Darwin works hand in hand with the CFO overseeing the day-to-day finance and accounting functions for Open Look.

Queenie Bontuyan

Client Relations Manager
Queenie began working in the Publishing and Media space in 2012, and has spent her career building and managing teams throughout various functions. Queenie is a proven, solution – first, individual with a record of success throughout various functions such as telemarketing, copy editing, and data research. Currently Queenie is responsible for the overall success of Open Look’s customers, overseeing the Customer Relation team, Queenie and her team ensure that each customer’s needs are met and their experience with Open Look is a success.

Noel Macasero

Design Manager
Noel began his graphic design career in 2003 working for a printing company focused on developing various marketing pieces for small to medium sized organizations. Noel has a proven track record of bringing customer ideas to life with clean, professional graphic solutions. Having spent the bulk of his career with a large book publisher, Noel has the experience in working within tight schedules, attention to detail resulting in the most professional design possible. Currently, Noel is responsible to oversee both the Magazine Page Make Up and Photo Enhancement team for Open Look, bringing the creative solutions to life.

Hans Montañer

Operations Manager
Hans is a process driven individual, taking time to understand and develop each step needed for success. Beginning his BPO career in 2005, Hans developed a wealth of experience from roles within telemarketing, data entry, customer service, technical support, sales, training and quality assurance, and it is this experience that allows enables him to provide a tailored fit solution to address each customer’s operational need. Currently, Hans is responsible to oversee the day-to-day performance of each customer’s project ensuring goals are met.