Effective Telemarketing Strategy to Make Your Event a Runaway Success

Whether you’re an event planner organizing event registration and stuff or a business inviting prospects to a gathering, you will need a strategy that will deliver a boundless return. Getting it right will make the event be packed with the right people from your target audience.

Latest Telemarketing Trends

In the recent comprehensive study segmented by Key Players: TeleTech Holdings, Atento, Concentrix, Alorica, data has been studied in a descriptive manner. It presents the effective business viewpoint in order to get a better understanding for making informed decisions in the businesses. Some of the factors such as, market values, Opportunity that are driving the growth of the market.

Booming industries have been profiled to get a detailed description of various applicable strategies carried out by these top-level businesses. The market is increasing the performance on the ground of marketing industrial areas. Different standard working procedures, models and analysis techniques have been used to discover the potential clients for the businesses. This research report acts as a valuable source of perceptive data on the current status of the Telemarketing market with a focus on the international market.

The Role of Telemarketing Strategy According to the Top Global Telemarketing Companies

Telemarketing is a marketing technique to create new clients and to retain current ones. In many business divisions including such organizing an event, telemarketing is mainly used to find potential participants through telephone calling where they are requested to join the gathering. Owing to direct human contact in the telemarketing market, there are several advantages such as low cost of communication, support of customer base, and building of goodwill and social image.

Telemarketing strategy helps businesses to reach out unswervingly to the suitable audience, provide details and also get their response at the same time.

Important Tips You Should Know About Your Telemarketing Strategy

The fortune 500 companies use telemarketing more than ever to reach new and existing customers as it gets immediate results and immediate feedback especially in the field of event registration.

Knowing that telemarketing is a proven strategy used to generate hot leads such as appointment setting, nurture warms leads through your sales pipeline, generate sales over the phone, or simply updating customer databases. And, you can have multiple objectives on each call.

In the field such as event registration, telemarketers should be experienced in working with event planners to build event attendance. The experience should come be with various types of events from virtual, live and pre-recorded webinars to workshops, seminars, and multi-day conventions. Making sure that your telemarketers have worked in industries spanning, travel, finance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and more is the key.

Choosing the Right Telemarketing Firm for Event Registration

  • If they sound too good to be true or if they are telling you what you want to hear, get away from them.
  • If they guarantee something that are not possible in this specific event registration telemarketing, run if you’re being offered one.
  • How long they have been around is a good indicator of reliability and trust.
  • Consider their capability of handling thousands of phone calls every day and if they have integrated, customized dialing platform.
  • Make sure they have Quality Assurance Process ensuring that your needs and objectives of each project are being met.
Successful Outbound Telemarketing Project Completed on a High Note

A large trade association with monthly local events has a new list of leads that can be the potential attendees. The client has been using Open Look for many years when it comes to telemarketing and lead generation but this time, they only needed a reach out of the new leads for information dissemination and for them to send an invitation. The task is also used to verify and clean up the obtained leads.  As part of their business extension, they called upon Open Look for a complete solution.

The client provided Open Look an initial list of 1,346 leads. Upon reviewing the leads in the list, Open Look telemarketing team took charge of the job.  The team actively called each person in the list and informed them about the association’s local event. The team encountered difficulties like the person listed was hard to reach, not interested while others were non-contact.

But the team was determined to make the project a big success so for non-contact, each agent was tasked to call them for at least 3 cycle. For the not-interested leads, the team implemented one call policy but with a request to send an invitation for a review and if they find it interesting, they can just sign up for the event.

In a short period of time, the team surpassed client expectations by getting most of the leads with positive remarks. From February to May this year, the team has contacted a total of 6,626 leads.  The client was so happy with the outcome that they opted to call on Open Look for any related services.

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