Magazine Layout Graphic Design Tip: Go Minimal for Fashion Magazines

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Designing a magazine can be very entertaining yet intimidating at times. Like with most things, starting is usually the most challenging part but when you get the hang of it, everything seems to fall into place and starts being easier.

Graphic designer usually begin a creative project by looking for inspiration. It helps them conceptualize and get their creative juices flowing.

Few Fashion Magazine Design Tips

Designing a magazine for fashion or lifestyle content is challenging. The test lies in making the design look as on-trend and aspiring as possible. A minimal design is a great blank canvas for fashion photos and retail showcases, and it raps into the trend for ultra-simple, stylish print design.

  • Make photos the emphasis of the layouts, allowing them to take up at least two-thirds of each page, and team them with a plain white backdrop and rich black typography.
  • Avoid hassle at all costs, evade from making the designs looking cheap, and shy away from making any typography too ‘shouty’.
  • Experiment with placing images in somewhat off-centered positions, to give the layouts a faintly arty look.
  • Look for photos that share a specific color theme or style, and team them together on the page. This will help the layouts to feel fashionable, beautiful and soothing to look at.
  • Know that simple styles help trendy subject matter to shine.

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39% Significant Cost Savings by Outsourcing Graphic Design

A well-established niche publisher with two leading international hobby magazines recognized the opportunity for improved magazine layout and graphic design production through outsourcing.  To take these processes to the next level, the publisher called upon Open Look to handle their largest paid circulation publications: one devoted to the homebrewing hobby and another for people who make their own wine. Each magazine is published in both print and digital editions. They publish special newsstand issues and books.  And they run the world’s largest event related to their niche, as well as annual conferences and bi-annual Boot Camps.

The client is now able to cost-effectively rely on Open Look to maintain the quality and distinction of their publications. From September 2018 to February 2019, Open Look laid out 11 magazine issues.

“Making the move from a full-time, salaried, in-house graphic designer for our two magazines to Open Look will save me 39% over the first year. On top of the significant cost savings, I’m very happy with the quality of their design work and how much easier it was than I thought to outsource my graphic design. Thanks to the Open Look team.” – Publisher.

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