The Open Look Graphic Design Process

Before getting too caught up in the final design, you need to work through the design process. The design process is a cyclical process. It can start and stop at any point, but the best results are often realized after reiterating the cycle over time.

The Open Look Graphic Design Process takes your project from start-to-finish, in real-time, guided by a personal Client Relation Specialist. Reliant on your needs, each step in the process can change the project direction completely. Let’s break down the basic steps and what they mean.

Listen and Research

At Open Look, we define the problem we are trying to solve. Perhaps, this is the most significant step of the process. What is the objective of this project? What should be the ideal response? How will it be seen? Researching can be very movable, but we take it as a priority to learn as much as we can and leave any stone turned.

Brainstorm and Create!

We gather relevant ideas as we make your goal realized with an outstanding, eye catchy design. Every single idea, we write, design and create it all! And watch the wholeness of your ideas start to take shape.

Get Feedback and Revise

We share mock within the team and with you as our client. Gather the positive feedback and the gut reactions and dislikes of trivial things and then we’ll go dig deeper to the source to come up with the desired designs. Revising your ideas using common themes from all of the feedback is necessary.

Implement and Measure

Designing your ideas! It’s important for us to build extra time here for the unforeseen, because things could go confusing at some point. The best solutions may not always be the most visually appealing, but they suggest the desired response and may lead to the desired path. Visual designs can always be updated.

What does this mean for you and your business?

Graphic design can be startling. You might have someone at your firm who has some basic knowledge of graphic design, whether it is a visual understanding or a set of skills using the Adobe Creative Suite, who can help you started.

If you do not have those creative eyes or capabilities in your company and you need further assistance, it is recommended to find a graphic design partner you can trust, knows your industry well, and can help guide you in the right direction and continue to promote your business. Call Open Look now!

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