Audience Development Strategy That Delivers Results

Many publishers developed an audience development strategy using the old approach they used to grow print circulation. It was been all about hunting down individuals that they think could qualify for a specific magazine, send a direct mail offer, and then try to get them to subscribe.

But today it’s all different, thanks to the rise of digital media; audience development is much more complex now. Publishers can connect with old and new audiences through a range of channels, from email to social media and online advertising; publishers can personalize their messaging to the prospects.  It’s vital that niche media companies also grow their audience development strategy to keep a leap with these changes.

The role of Audience Development is challenging and continually growing, and for many years Open Look has been helping publishers meet their audience development goals on time, within the budget and with the right strategy. An effective audience development strategy must lead your telemarketing solutions to be smarter, faster, better and affordable without compromising quality.

Open Look Audience Development team includes proficiency from quality control, customer service, project management, lead generation and telemarketing. Beyond valuable insight, Open Look can help build a strong, effective telemarketing script while keeping subscriber demographics on the line.

Key Elements in an Audience Development Strategy

  • Track Key Metrics – If list has a high percentage of bad leads, disregard it. This is primarily to upsurge list efficiency and productivity.
  • Specialists Training & Skill level – Audience Development Specialists should be trained on broad based skills such as etiquette, product information and role playing.
  • Arrangement of Product, Target Market & Script – Match up suitable team of Audience Development Specialists that will embody a product or services.
  • Developmental Strategy – Personalization is the key
  • Multimedia Integration – Use all resources apply such as email, social media, online advertising, fax, and other mailing options.

Choosing the right outsourcing partner can make all the difference when designing a successful audience development campaign, so spending time to align your expectation with the quality of the work delivered is key.

Telemarketing Team Converted 3,505 into Qualified Leads

A magazine publisher with audited circulation, in the growing field of Hospital Medicine, produces a monthly publication covering practice management, quality improvement initiatives and clinical updates. The publication is delivered to thousands of healthcare professionals in both printed and interactive digital formats. The publisher needed to requalify their subscriber base in preparation for their upcoming circulation audit. The primary task was to verify and update subscriber information compliant to the auditing firms requirements. Read more here to know how Open Look Audience Development team validated thousands of subscribers. 

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