A Day in the Life of an Open Look Training and Development (TAD) Manager

Dennis Buhay Training and Development

Describe a typical “day in the life” of a Training and Development (TAD) manager:

Well, I start it by checking my Trainers, inserting good vibes to my team. Then, going through the day by looking at every challenge as opportunity to make things better and lastly ending my day by looking at the task tracker for completion and results.”

What are the skills, education, and training needed for this career?

“It doesn’t require any special skills or education, the only requirement for this kind of field is the mantra that you are always a glass half full and every event can be a learning experience.”

What were you doing prior to becoming a TAD manager?

“Once upon a time I became a teacher,  you know that my passion for teaching  is flowing in my veins ever since, then I joined BPO, I spent most of my lifetime being a trainer, and got into transitions to various roles such as Team Leader, Change Manager and LEAP Trainer.”

Did you have to make sacrifices at the start of your career? If so, what were they, and why was it worth it for you to make those sacrifices.

“No, I don’t see it as a sacrifice. I see it more of as an investment because I take some of my time in improving myself, so that I’m sure I am fit to lead a wonderful team.”

Why did you choose this line of work?

“Well, in addition to my answer above, this line of work supports my passion to teach so that I can help people, in return people will help the company and the company will help me provide the quality of life my family deserves.”

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your career?

“Simple and trivial it may sound but every time I hear leaders or my trainers say “Thank you I’ve learned.”

What’s the most challenging part?

“It’s really difficult for me to give a challenging part because I know I have a team that is ready to jump in to analyze, solve, and execute a solution. With my team with me, I am confident that there is no mountain we can’t move.”

What does it really take to make it and succeed in this career?

“Three tips:

  1. Be passionate on continuous learning.
  2. Make mistakes and learn from it.
  3. Don’t be afraid to make hard decisions.”

Describe one of the best moments you’ve had on the job:

“Aside from successful projects and initiatives, I would consider one of our best and happiest moments are “Sabaw Moments”. (Bloopers)”

What’s the hardest part of the day?

“Cant think of any.”

Are there misconceptions about this type of work? If so, what are they?

“A couple but what’s the most common misconception is that TAD should work on silos, when TAD’s effectiveness is always dependent on other departments’ collaboration.”

 What’s one aspect that’s integral to your job that most people wouldn’t know?

“Most people don’t know that the effectiveness of your class, module and training is highly dependent on your preparation. We spent 60% on preparation and only 40% on execution.”

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career in your field?

“The same answer that I gave to “What does it really take to make it and succeed in this career” with an addition of one.

  1. Be passionate on continuous learning.
  2. Make mistakes and learn from it.
  3. Don’t be afraid to make hard decisions.
  4. Invest on improving your knowledge through reading books, listening to leadership speakers, and being up to date with the trends and new techniques in training.”

ABOUT THE RESPONDENT: Dennis Buhay is the current Training and Development Manager of Open Look Business Solutions. Dennis has been in the company for a year now. He has held various roles in leadership training and development and operational excellence, achieving accomplishments of Supervisor of the Year from a large outsourcing solutions provider. Dennis is an out of the box, forward thinker with a passion for people development.

ABOUT THIS SERIES: This is an ongoing series of the Open Look Content Team that takes a snapshot look inside the lives of those who work in the company. Want to share a Day in your Life? E-mail us at jintervencion@open-look.com.

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