Philippines BPO as a Top Source of Media and Publishing Solutions

We extensively have known that outsourcing in the Philippines has the following benefits in general:

  • Bring down expenses
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Saves money and time without conceding the quality of work

Today it is still all of that, but there’s so much more for media and publishing through outsourcing it to the Philippines. More and more it is about the technology that requires publishers as well as editors and marketers to be knowledgeable enough about the target market. For the publishers, this is certainly a deviation from their key task of finding and presenting content to the customers in the most effective approach.

An outsourced media and publishing service provider from the Philippines is known for high quality service and skills-based solutions to niche publishers with many supplementary advantages. A fixed payment setup helps the publishers know what they are going to get and how much it’s going to cost as per agreement. And with careful approach of choosing a desired customized service, the task can be done by a team with extensive experience to provide support and continuing assistance. This is all for publishers to focus on the content, the reader and the marketing strategy all throughout the course.

Outsourcing providers in the Philippines are all rounded as they are increasingly becoming the top of the game in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Philippines is projected to move with the demand in terms of accepting businesses that wish to prosper in the media and publishing sector, which could cater to a new demand and expertise in the following areas: Audience Development, Human Intelligence Tasks, Telemarketing with Artificial Intelligence support and others.

Overall, it should be mentioned that the progress in the Philippine outsourcing industry continues to show noteworthy advances with a good average annual expansion rate percentage.  And as a top source of media and publishing solutions, it is always about that more companies favor its quality results in a cost-effective approach.

How Open Look becomes a One-Stop Shop Outsourcing Provider of Media and Publishing Companies

Open Look is an active niche media service provider based in Cebu City, Philippines and an office in Dallas, Texas. Outsourcing with Open Look ultimately offers publishers great competitive advantages – in print, digital, data, and beyond. Our process creates opportunities for clients to scale when they might not otherwise have the resources to do so, or might not necessarily want to add workforce for a certain process.  In this new era of digital media, outsourcing is an affordable, necessary, and proven revenue strategy in growing your business without letting the business run you.

Open Look serves niche publishers by using its senior management team’s over 40 years of publishing experience to apply an offshore model to clients publishing needs.  Here’s the rundown of media and publishing related services that one should avail, the one-stop shop support of Open Look to the industry: Audience Development, Graphic Design, and Data Research Support.

  • Audience Development

Audience development is basically attracting different people towards a target. It specializes in growing and defining a different people we call it “audience” through various telemarketing objectives such as, controlled and audited circulation, market research, and lead generation. All of these are for customized media and publishing campaigns. Audience Support consists of ensuring a client’s audience is properly cared for through various process roles like technical support, inbound customer service, and audience marketing.

  • Graphic Design

Media and publishing industry is nothing without graphic design. Magazines need designs and layouts to call it impressive, creative and for it to deliver a double-plus in customer satisfaction. A well-executed design eases communication and clarifies confusing concepts. It brings your brand’s story in a way that resonates with your target audience and emphasizes the essential from the little value.

To help businesses build up a brand, strengthen marketing approach, and engage with the target customers, outsourcing graphic design projects to the professionals is indeed the smart and best choice you can make.

  • Data Research

In any industry, data is absolutely necessary. Precise and systematic data and its extraction are the key elements for a perfect, strategic implementation. An outsourced company should be aware of these facts and should be among on top in giving this valuable support to the publishers in need for this critical activity.

Outsourcing is about strategic relationships that can result to innovation. Open Look supports this outsourcing approach essentially for custom publishing to foster an environment which prompts innovation, resulting in improved service, reduced costs and value that didn’t happen before for both parties.

You just gain much needed time to stay on top — and wisdom! Stay focus on what you do best and outsource the rest.

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