Elevate Your Outsourcing Game in the Philippines

Most businesses depend on outsourcing to at least some degree. Typically it means hiring an external firm to handle issues such as customer service, accounting, graphic design, data research, digital marketing, technology, component manufacture and many more.

Why Businesses Outsource?

  • Outsourced personnel provide access to a worldwide talent pool via remote supports. Businesses are not limited by a geographical location, as developers can be anywhere in the world. This helps save time and effort on recruiting and management, as employees will be managed by an outside organization.
  • Adding new talent and technology is easy. Remote supports often have a bench of technologists that are willing to support and are available to start instantaneously. Adding new technology and talent is easier than ever because you can pick up talent for a project or add burst recruitment to a present project.
  • But the most impactful and growing factor behind outsourcing is the cost. The cost associated with running an outsourced project is way less than an in-house team. There are multiple factors that subsidize to this, including salary, currency, health insurance and benefits.

BPO Trends in the Philippines

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry still plays a vigorous role in the developing economy of the Philippines. It subsidizes over 11% to the GDP.  It is the lone largest sector that employs over 1.2 million people across more than 700 outsourcing businesses and corporations.

With the latest updates and in spite of issues in the US, overseas and recessions in other countries, the BPO sector is still the single biggest contributor to the nation’s economic activity, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down in 2019. The industry has a dynamic role in providing jobs to hundreds of thousands of Filipinos. It helped the Philippines leave its mark internationally in terms of its people’s skillset. It leveled a field for Filipinos to showcase and compete with the rest of the world.

“If you talk to our American, foreign BPO clients, we ask them for indicators, they’re still looking to outsource a lot of these functions to Philippines, some say they’re even going to increase exposure in Philippines vs other Asian neighbors,” Megaworld said.

Outsourcing in Cebu City

The Philippines remains an outsourcing expert that has a huge and well trained workforce which operates at high standards. And Cebu’s thriving BPO industry has seen to have more players investing.

The BPO industry in Cebu has registered a 19% hiring growth from January to May this year, according to Cebu jobs site Mynimo.com. The BPO sector, one of Cebu’s major employment generators, is among the top industries that posted significant hiring.

Tholons, a strategic consulting and investment advisory firm based in London, has ranked Cebu City in 2018 on the 11th spot.

Cebu is a province of the Philippines and is located in Central Visayas. The population of Cebu Province in 2015 was 2,938,982 people, with a density of 590 inhabitants per square kilometer or 1,500 inhabitants per square mile. Cebu City is the Philippines’ first Spanish settlement making it the oldest city in the country.

Open Look as a One-Stop Shop Outsourcing Provider of Niche Media and Publishing Companies

Open Look is an active niche media service provider based in Cebu City, Philippines and an office in Dallas, Texas. Outsourcing with Open Look ultimately offers publishers great competitive advantages – in print, digital, data, and beyond. Open Look process creates opportunities for clients to scale when they might not otherwise have the resources to do so, or might not necessarily want to add workforce for a certain process.

Open Look offers telemarketing to the Media & Publishing sector for Audience Development projects, but also to various other industries for Lead Generation, Inbound/Outbound Customer Service, and Tech Support.

Open Look has also built a large Graphic Design and Page Layout team, servicing publishers big & small, in both B2B and B2C spaces. The team lays out thousands of pages per month and can handle many projects in real-time.

The Open Look Design team also has a heavy focus on Photo Editing and Enhancement services. From the automotive to sports & school photography sectors, the Open Look team handles it all.

Open Look is featured on Outsourcing Offshoring PhilippinesOutsource Accelerator,  Niche Media HQAd Sales Nation and Niche Solutions Guide. We enjoy the 4.7 of 5 average rating across Google, Facebook,  Jobstreet and Glassdoor.

Contact: Mike Obert, 214-403-3755, mike@open-look.com

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