A Day in the Life of an Open Look Recruitment Specialist – Sophia Bianca Fernan

Describe a typical “day in the life” of a Recruitment Specialist:

Every day is a new blessing. Every morning when I wake up I thank the Lord for giving me another opportunity to be a blessing. I usually leave the house at 1:50 p.m. where my shift starts at 2:00 p.m. Compared to others, I am not bothered of the traffic since I just leave a few blocks away the office.

I check emails first and applicants from different sourcing channels I manage and do schedule interviews. I meet new personalities from a daily basis thru the interviews that I conduct.  I make reports and respond to applicants, that’s basically what I do on a daily basis.

What are the skills, education, and training needed for this career?

In my opinion, anyone can take this career path. However, you just have to be determined, patient and understand the different personalities you will encounter (especially candidates that don’t show up for their interview lol)

What were you doing prior to becoming a Recruitment Specialist?

When I graduated from college, where I took up BS Psychology, I immediately entered this career path. I was a talent acquisition specialist in one of the BPOs here in Cebu but prior to becoming a Recruitment Specialist here in Open Look Business Solutions, Inc, I took the Psychometrician Board Exam wherein I thankfully passed.

Did you have to make sacrifices at the start of your career? If so, what were they, and why was it worth it for you to make those sacrifices?

One of the sacrifices which I probably had when I started this career is time, time with family, time with friends since compared to others, I immediately started working after graduation.

Why did you choose this line of work?

I have chosen this line of work because it made me understand people even more not only people but life in general.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your career?

The most rewarding aspect of my career is after I hire people and see in their eyes how happy and grateful they are for the opportunity that was given to them. It is totally priceless because giving a person an opportunity or a job isn’t just helping them but their families as well.

What’s the most challenging part of the day?

The most challenging part of this career is actually having to give the bad news to the candidates that they were not able to make it for the position that they are applying for.

What does it really take to make it and succeed in this career?

I think in every career path, you need to be determined and passionate in order to succeed because if you are willing to go to the extra mile just to achieve your goals in the career path you chose, surely, you will succeed.

Describe one of the best moments you’ve had on the job:

Maybe the best moments of having this job is being able to give opportunities to applicants every time they are hired for a certain position.

Describe one of the best moments you’ve had at Open Look:

 Maybe the best moment I’ve had here is when this organization believed in me and gave me the opportunity to grow, learn and explore.

 Are there misconceptions about this type of work? If so, what are they?

Maybe it’s when the recruiter or interviewer says that we will call you or reach out to you, it automatically means that they did not get the position when in fact, we actually do review their applications.

What are some reasons that other candidates haven’t been selected?

Maybe mainly because they haven’t met the qualifications set for the position they are eyeing on.

What’s one aspect that’s integral to your job that most people wouldn’t know?

Patience and understanding as well as time management because aside from interviewing candidates you will also be doing admin work.

What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a career in your field?

If you really want to pursue this career path or any career path, one thing’s for sure, you just have to be passionate in order to accomplish your goals and be successful. Always strive hard and strive for the best!

ABOUT THE RESPONDENT: Sophia Bianca Fernan, RPm, is the current Recruitment Specialist of Open Look Business Solutions. Sophia has been in the company for 1 year and 5 months now. She does recruiting, interviewing, and screening responsibilities of HR department, which also include partnering with hiring managers to determine staffing needs. Performing in-person and phone interviews with candidates.

ABOUT THIS SERIES: This is an ongoing series of the Open Look Content Team that takes a snapshot look inside the lives of those who work in the company. Want to share a Day in your Life? E-mail us at jintervencion@open-look.com.

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