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Data Quality is a vital aspect for the continual progress of any business and is perhaps one of the most important characteristics of an organization’s success. One way of ensuring data quality is by outsourcing data entry professionals which is extremely popular in recent times in the field of IT, healthcare, accounting, human resource and many more.

Data Entry services with significant human touch involved is unquestionably beneficial. We call it human-verified data research solutions. Quality data is a Human-Verified data organized through entering data in forms, documents, records and database, no matter what type of business being touched.

The job is basically about entering data into a database system. Sometimes it comprises transcribing recordings, and sometimes it is about manually entering of hard-copy information into an electronic system.

It’s pretty much an entry-level or clerical job which is also known as Human Intelligence Task, Data Research and a Human-Verified Data Support. The job is just that, a job where you perform data entry. Largely in the form of taking data from one source, verify and/or processed it and then inputting in to another.

This service can be categorized primarily in two levels according to the people involved;

Unskilled / Amateurish

Unskilled entry is one where the operative is just copying the data into a database. For example you have been provided a PDF file having customers contact info, which is to be put into well-structured data fields like spreadsheet or any custom made software online or offline.

Here are the samples of data: Typing text from handwritten text or printed text, Inputting data from membership forms, invoices, packing lists, structured application forms, income tax forms into a custom made software, and other copy and paste work.

Skilled / Expert

Nevertheless, if you need to find out the customers’ contact info first through online resources and then putting it into a database, it will come under skilled data entry.

Products entry into ecommerce shops, downloading from one online source and uploading to other source, researching and compiling data, data entry into structured HTML templates are sample data.

No matter whether a service provider is available nearby or it is outsourced, you will get your work done with quick turnaround time. You can hire a service provider online to get this kind of task completed swiftly.

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